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The Best Way To Introduce Yoga To Your Kids

If you’re parenting in quarantine, you know this much is true: Kids are getting restless at home and your stress levels have probably, maybe, most definitely reached an all-time high.

Naturally, we’re big fans of mindfulness and taking regular yoga sessions at Yoga Wake Up and are firm believers in the impact these two practices have on mental health and mood. Enjoying me-time is key but if you’re wanting to introduce your little ones to your favorite get-zen-quick remedy, we’re here to assure you it is possible. And we bet they’ll enjoy it too!

Jess Jablonski, a kids and family yoga teacher based in L.A., is all about parents encouraging their kids to join in on the fun. She recommends making “your children’s yoga journey playful” because it puts less pressure on you and them – and makes it more fun for both of you! “Their warrior 2 isn't going to look exactly the same as yours, and that's okay!” Jablonski tells us, explaining that perfection shouldn’t be the goal. “Lead through example and they will observe and follow.”

Taking a playful, interactive approach is also a favorite method of Antonia King’s, founder of Zooga Yoga in Culver City, California.

“Yoga for kids does not have to be calm and quiet all the time,” King tells us, adding that her studio is currently offering virtual kids yoga classes to help guide parents and their mini me’s during these trying times. “Of course, we still introduce mindful movement and meditation and tools for kids to use at home. But even our savasana is verbally visual and creative.”

When it comes to the “staying present” aspect of yoga, Jablonski says that explaining the importance of doing so to kids can go a long way. “[Let them know] it’s important for us to rest our bodies and minds and breathe, and that by doing this we can control our big emotions and have healthy and strong bodies.” And, to be honest, what kid doesn’t want to feel as strong and powerful as their favorite superhero?

“I’ve found that yoga and mindfulness have been so important for family connection, especially during this unprecedented time,” candidly shares Jablonski, who says that doing five simple yoga poses and breathwork every day can “make a world of difference.”

Tell us: Have you tried yoga with your kids?


Both Jess Jablonski and Zooga Yoga offer yoga and meditation for kids on Yoga Wake Up. Try any of our kid-friendly sessions like Zooga's Garden Meditation or Jablonski's Peaceful Heart with your child and let us know how it goes!


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