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About us


Meet Lizzie & Joaquín

Yoga Wake Up Co-Founders

We're so grateful you made it here! It's our lifelong dream to encourage happiness and positivity in others, and we hope that Yoga Wake Up brings joy to your life.

We'll have you know... we weren't always morning people. But when Joaquín came up with the idea to wake us up with gentle yoga, gradually we started snoozing less and smiling more, all before 8 a.m. We trust this will happen for you too as you begin to feel the positive effects of waking up with yoga. 

Together we can create a world of peace and happiness through regular yoga and meditation, self-reflection, kindness and compassion for others. Thanks for joining us on that mission. You're a part of it now too. 

Lizzie & Joaquín

We meet you where you are

Easy, audio-guided yoga anywhere, anytime

Relax with us. Recharge with us. Reset with us.

Yoga Wake Up meets you where you are in life! Whatever you need now, we've got it, and it's accessible, affordable, and easy to fit into your day.

We know you're busy and we know that life comes at you fast. That's why we offer hundreds of unique sessions, that are all 20 minutes or less, for the morning, anytime, and bedtime - so that you can always find time for yourself.

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