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Welcome to your new wake-up call

You deserve a morning ritual that fits inside the time it would take to snooze your alarm. 

What our Members are Saying

"This app really helps me to not only ease into a wakeful state - it also helps me to feel really good while waking up."

Think about your first waking minutes

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In the 9 minutes (or 3x's that!) that you waste snoozing, you could be rising like the sun greeting each day with positivity, enthusiasm and joy! Yoga Wake Up delivers gentle, mindful practices to bed!​

Sleep Inertia

The grogginess you feel in the morning has a name: sleep inertia. And it's made worse by your bad snoozing habit.  The good news is Yoga Wake Up can teach you how to break that bad habit and replace it with a healthy one.


A subscription brings you:

Your morning routine reimagined

Track progress and improve one day at a time
You're human and you're perfect just the way you are. But you came to us to improve your routine, and we're holding you to it.

Meditate or move, or just breathe
Choose from breath-work, sound healing, affirmations, visualizations, meditations, and all kinds of yoga.​

Self-care for your first waking minutes
Your to-do list can wait. With hundreds of practices 5-15 minutes long, take back your mornings, guilt-free!

Audio-guided practices, by design
Screen fatigue is real! So close your eyes, open your ears, and follow our guides to awaken gently.

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Cornelius Jones Jr. LIL_1336 copy.jpg
Good Morning Hips with Cornelius Jones, Jr. 
00:00 / 01:04
Good Morning Love with Samora Suber
00:00 / 01:04
Spirit Restore with
Jen Smith
00:00 / 01:04

Get the support you need, on your way to better mornings. With more than 50 expert yoga and meditation teachers featured, you'll always awaken to a voice that resonates with you. Yoga Wake Up's founding team is Latinx and committed to diversity internally and across its content.

A variety of voices from experienced teachers across the globe

Magic Morning Moves
with Vance Vlasek
00:00 / 01:04
Me-Time Moment
with Niki Saccareccia
00:00 / 01:04

It's the perfect way to start your day from the comfort of your own home.


My muscles feel much more awake than usual in a way I could definitely get used to.


With the Yoga Wake Up app, you'll never need to hit 'snooze' again-- It's exercise for the mind and the body.  


Why wake up to the intensity of an alarm when you can start your day with the sounds of nature and easy-to-follow meditation routines?


New app Yoga Wake Up makes getting out of bed for work that much easier.

What the press is saying

Our better and brighter promise

We created Yoga Wake Up to prepare you mentally and physically for your best days ahead. We believe if we all woke with the intention and mindset of a yogi, the world would be a lot brighter.


We invite you to join us in waking the world a better place.

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