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ywu for work

peace of mind for their first waking minutes


Waking up with a gentle alarm clock can have an extraordinary impact on one's day. Introducing a simple swap that will empower your employees with a morning routine that is scientifically proven

to reduce stress, increase productivity and create happier people! 

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Support your team with YWU for Work

Prioritize mental wellness for your teams by offering gentle audio for their first waking minutes

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Impact your team with what matters most

You have a multitude of choice when it comes to employee benefits, but there is only one app that draws a clear connection between mindful movement and morning routine.


of new Yoga Wake Up users report that they snooze their alarm at least once daily, wreaking havoc on their morning routine and causing grogginess and an attention deficit throughout the workday. 


of new Yoga Wake Up users report that their first morning thoughts are negative, confirming a natural negativity bias that waking with daily intention can transmute.


of Yoga Wake Up users report feeling positive sentiments such as joy, calm, gratitude, energy and enthusiasm in their first 10 waking minutes.  That's not just a win for them - it extends into their day when they show up for you.

what our partners are saying

The wake up from bed sessions are amazing - even for the mornings you don’t even want to open your eyes, by the end I’m sitting up and ready to get my day going. 

For someone who had a tough time getting out of bed each day, this has been a game changer. I start everyday on a more positive note. I love this app.

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