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18 People On Their Tried-And-True Self-Care Rituals

Self-care is important now more than ever. As we continue to grapple with a pandemic, fight for human rights issues and combat racial inequality, taking care of one’s mental health should still be a priority. We at Yoga Wake Up whole-heartedly believe this to be important, which is why we rounded up doable self-care tips, courtesy of real people who are en route to a healthier, happier mind.

Real People Share Their Go-To Self-Care Tips

1. “Having a consistent bedtime.”

2. “Night rituals of tea, essential oils and evening Yoga Wake Up.”

3. “Yoga, journaling and reading.”

4. “I make changing my sheets a happy event thing.”

5. “Every Sunday, I wake up and walk to my favorite coffee shop for a latte. I take it to-go and drink it while I walk around the neighborhood.”

6. “I find getting up even 15 minutes early to read a chapter of a book or half an hour to watch a TV show helps get me in the best mood, rather than getting up just to start getting ready for work.”

7. “Nothing beats having a delicious cup of coffee knowing you’re the only person awake and don’t have to deal with anybody’s bulls--- for at least another hour.”

8. “I just started using sheet masks and turned the wait time into a mini spa experience. I light a candle next to my bed, snuggle in with a book and read for about 15 minutes. It’s simple but having that quiet time a few days a week has done wonders for not only my skin, but also my peace of mind.”

9. “Keeping a daily gratitude journal. I write down at least one thing every single day no matter how small that makes me smile/laugh/happy. Sometimes I draw or take pictures of it instead.”

10. “Cooking myself tasty, healthy meals. Whenever I make myself a great meal from scratch with lots of vegetables, I feel like I'm winning at life.”

11. “I buy flowers for myself often.”

12. “Take a spoonful of magnesium before bed. Keeps a firm hold on my anxiety and helps me sleep.”

13. “I tell people if they do something I don't like that affects me. It is quite uncomfortable, and I don't like conflict, but I will talk to them about it so that it doesn't happen again.”

14. “I cut out soda, replaced it with water.”

15. “Crying. Seriously. Does a body good.”

16. “I listen to ABBA every morning. Starts my day off happy.”

17. “I blend my own herbal teas. Every night I make a cup to take to bed to help me sleep.”

18. “Dry body brushing and putting coconut oil on afterward.”


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