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5 Beginner-Friendly Audio-Guided Sessions Every Newbie Will Love

New to yoga? No worries! Yoga Wake Up has your back with a series of beginner-friendly audio-guided sessions to fuel your new-founded flow – seamlessly. Keep scrolling to find the one that piques your interest the most and download our app to get started!

How Much Time You’ll Need: 13:37 minutes

Instructor: Samora Suber

About The Session: “A beautiful way to send love to your body in a gentle and grounding in-bed flow. You will connect to your body with loving energy and deep breathing to create a lovely morning and an energized day.”

What Fans Say: “I felt very happy and peaceful after this one.”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 10:27 minutes

Instructor: Emilie Perz

About The Session: “This meditation is meant to be done first thing in the morning and, if possible, in a sunny spot of the room to create circulation and to release those happy hormones back into the body.”

What Fans Say: “Absolutely wonderful words and thoughts to start my day. Loved it.”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 13:47 minutes

Instructor: Mia Togo

About The Session: “Find peace and resurrection in this beautiful flow that begins in bed and inspires you to stand un your light, greet the sun with appreciation and ground down the whole of your being.”

What Fans Say: “So simple yet so deep and energized! Love this practice!”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 16:53 minutes

Instructor: Angela Jean

About The Session: “Start your day with this sweet and simple spinal warm-up flow that utilizes some basic backbends, side bends and forward folds that will get your spine, breath and prana (energy) awake and moving in all four directions. This balanced combination of movement and breath will have you feeling grounded and elevated as your transition into the rest of your day.”

What Fans Say: “Fabulous wake up, from instructor’s voice, pace, guidance and music!”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 3:25 minutes

Instructor: Connie Clotworthy

About The Session: “This session is recommended for kids between the ages of 3-7. It is a short little break for any time of the day where you are feeling a little down or sluggish. There is a quick breathing technique and dance party to help you get in your body and mind feeling right.”

What Fans Say: “This is for kids but it’s just as fun for adults!”


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