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this just in: sleep problems are both symptoms of and risk factors for many mental health conditions

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

It's a 'what came first: 'the chicken or the egg' sort of problem; the PLOS Scientific Journal has come to the conclusion that poor sleep can cause mental health issues AND mental health issues can cause poor sleep. Through testing 89,000 at-home patients' sleep behaviors, the data was compiled, and it was revealed that people with mental health disorders slept less, would wake up more often, and had a harder time falling asleep. So, having anxiety, for example, would lead to disrupted sleep but disrupted sleep could also lead to anxiety. It's a two-way street that no one wants to drive down.

Whether or not you find yourself identifying with these characteristics, the importance of a good night's rest is essential to all. Our days can be determined by how we act the night before. Waking up feeling energized and excited is the direct outcome of taking care of your previous day's self! In order for you to prepare to become the best you and have the most ideal snooze, Yoga Wake Up has recommended 5 audio-guided sessions to help you out. Find Yoga Wake Up on the App Store & press play!

Sound Bath for Sleep

How Much Time You’ll Need: 15:56 minutes

Instructor: Nicole Motter

About The Session: Fall asleep in a matter of seconds with the nourishment and sweet release of sound.

Sleep and Solve Any Problem

How Much Time You’ll Need: 11:24 minutes

Instructor: Tammy Mittell

About The Session: Focus on calming your thoughts and remedying your anxiety and nervous system.

Soothe Yourself to Sleep with Savasana in Bed

How Much Time You’ll Need: 18:31 minutes

Instructor: Lindsey Valdez

About The Session: Quiet observation of the body will lead to the relaxation of your muscles and mind.

Less Thinking, More Sleeping

How Much Time You’ll Need: 20:31 minutes

Instructor: Niki Saccareccia

About The Session: A restorative session that calms the mind and unclenches the body so you can unwind.

Sweet Dreams Sleep Elixir

How Much Time You’ll Need: 18:44minutes

Instructor: Lindsey Valdez

About The Session: Release your natural sleep elixir, melatonin, while exploring all sides of the body.


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