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Resources to Support Mental Wellness

In this time of extraordinary change and uncertainty around Covid-19, not one of us is immune to mental health woes. Given the collective state of things, this year the World Health Organization set a goal of increased investment in mental health in response to Saturday's World Mental Health Day.

It's pretty obvious that we can expect depression and anxiety to be on the rise. These feelings are compounded by grief, loneliness, fear, resentment and much more! It is perfectly human to have felt some kind of loss these last six months.

Yoga Wake Up's mission is to encourage health and happiness, helping you to set a positive tone each morning for the day ahead. We know that's sometimes easier said than done!

So the following are a handful of our first go-to actions to support you on your mental health journey.

1. Move your body everyday. Exercise has been shown to be as effective as medicine in improving symptoms of depression. Even just 15 minutes of movement everyday can be enough to improve your mood through the release of endorphins.

2. Get some rest. This doesn't necessarily mean sleep, although at least 7-9 hours a night is optimal. We mean resting your mind. Yoga Nidra can be really helpful for this or simply meditation and visualization seated or lying down.

3. Eat whole foods! Think of your gut like your second brain! A 2017 study found that the symptoms of people with moderate-to-severe depression improved when they received nutritional counseling sessions and ate a more healthful diet for 12 weeks. The improved diet focused on fresh and whole foods that are high in nutrients. It also limited processed refined foods, sweets, and fried food, including junk food.

4. Wake up with yoga. This one may seem obvious coming from us, but we can attest to the benefits of setting a positive tone for the day with some light movement and setting an intention for the day.

5. Remember you are never alone. It's easy to feel isolated, especially these days when many of us are forced to stay home and social distance. But be reminded that these feelings you are having are shared by so many others and it's key to ask for help. Call a friend. Seek support online. Drop us a line anytime! We're all in this together.


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