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how to get yourself (and your kids) back into a routine for fall

Summer is once again flying by, stores already have halloween decorations out, and your back to school supplies list looks miles long. The problem? The days of lounging around, road tripping, and living life without a set daily schedule are quickly coming to an end. Your kids are scrambling to finish their summer reading, and you’re dreading getting yourself and them back into their daily school routine. Here’s 3 tips to make the transition back into a routine easier.

Start the school sleep schedule sooner than the night before the first day

One of the biggest changes in routine from summer to fall is waking up early again for school and work. After months of late night activities and sleeping in, suddenly waking up at 6am to get your kids ready for school, and then having them sit through 6+ hours of learning is a recipe for disaster. Plus, studies show that loss of sleep can not only negatively impact kids physically, it can impact their ability to perform in school and their emotional health as well. Suggest reducing screen time before bed as a family habit to implement, and slowly start adjusting your wake up times to be closer to your school and workday wake up so it doesn’t come as a shock when summer ends.

With Yoga Wake Up, listen to a bedtime session to help wind down after your day, and then schedule your alarm to make sure you wake up the right way — with yoga, all from the comfort of your bed. Start your free trial today!

Implement a more structured morning routine

After many summer mornings spent without structure, it can be a tough transition to get back into being ready to get everyone out of the door on time. As a family, sit down and discuss what your morning routines will look like. What time will teeth be brushed? What time does breakfast need to be finished in order to make the bus? Who is packing lunches? By having a clear understanding of what mornings will look like, the hustle and bustle won’t feel as overwhelming.

Pro tip: implement movement or meditation into your morning routine! By waking up with yoga or meditation, you’ll be starting your day off with mindfulness and gentle movement, all from the comfort of your bed. Ditch your snooze button and start waking up to yoga instead!

Be flexible

As much as you can try to stick to a routine, life happens and things don’t always go according to plan. If each day is starting to look different, find one thing that never changes. Often, that’s the time that you wake up. Each night before you go to sleep, set your alarm with Yoga Wake Up. You’ll go to sleep knowing that you’re setting your morning up to start with a few moments of peace, before any chaos can begin.

Along with being an alternative to your boring alarm clock, Yoga Wake Up can be used at any time during the day. With sessions ranging from as short as 2 minutes, to as long as 30 minutes, no matter how long you have for yourself, you can find a session that fits into your busy schedule.

Still feeling overwhelmed? We feel you. Starting a new routine, or a routine over again, can be daunting. Here’s our top picks for waking up on the right side of the bed.

Instructor: Erika Trice

How much time you need: 8 minutes

About the session: Start your day with a few minutes of focusing your attention on your breathing. This meditation will wake your mind up slowly and gently, relieving drowsiness and supporting mental clarity. Breath awareness meditation is known by many to be a profound healing technique to have in your daily self-care toolbox.

What fans say: Wonderful! Relaxing, soothing voice, and very calming music.

Instructor: Tammy Mittell

How much time you need: 9 minutes

About the session: According to positive psychologists, the flow-state enhances wellbeing and happiness and creates optimal performance and efficiency. This morning meditation awakens you into the flow-state so that you feel your best for the day ahead.

What fans say: Beautiful way to wake up!

Instructor: Lauren Brown

How much time you need: 11 minutes

About the session: Get your blood and body moving with a gentle flow from the comfort of your bed.

What fans say: It was a really nice way to wake up and I liked the music choices! I’m really not a morning person and press snooze constantly, so I am really pleased that this got me up and moving in about 10 minutes!


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