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Desk Yoga, anyone? Yoga Wake Up now offers a "wakeup" for your afternoon!

Meet Maeve McCaffrey, the yoga instructor that has teamed up with us to provide afternoon audio sessions, because, let's be honest, it's not always morning when we need waking up.

In this sedentary desk culture that has become a mainstay over the last few decades, more and more of us are ailed with low back pain, hip pain, or actual stress from our day jobs manifesting itself physically and emotionally. We know that Yoga Wake Up helps to set the tone for your day. Stretching and setting an intention can do that! And you all have made your voices clear, so often asking us to create more content beyond mornings.

When we launched bedtime yoga last year, you listened! Sweet Dreams by Hilary Jackendoff and Niki Saccareccia's Shed the Stress and Rest continue to be among the most played on the app. It got us thinking-- who says we can't provide audio sessions for problem solving throughout the day? Who said Yoga Wake Up had to be limited to your bedroom in the wee hours of the morning? So consider those prayers answered. Next time you open the app midday, look for a handful of afternoon-friendly, audio-guided sessions that can be done at your desk, in the break room or outside. Simply pop in your headphones and get your yoga on.

This is the part where you really get comfortable with your co-workers! And when they ask you what the F you're doing down there, you say, loud and proud, "I'm practicing my self-care, mindfulness, me time."

Send us your pics or share and tag #deskyoga, and let's celebrate practicing yoga whenever it suits us!

Want to get started? Maeve's recently recorded two sessions for anytime throughout the day:

Tech Reverse: Happy Neck & Shoulders will combat the daily compounding effects of continued use of our mobile devices. This is perfect for the entire family and can be done anytime/anywhere to address the stress that has built up in the neck and shoulders. *For this one you will need a mat.

Afternoon Rebalance and Clarity offers instruction for sitting at a desk or on your mat and will help to shift your afternoon energy from needing a nap or a coffee to one of calm awareness.

Be sure to check out all of our afternoon-friendly sessions including walking meditation Visualizing from a Joyous Place by Erin Ward and Emilie Perz's hormone balancing Recharge for Vitality session for recharging the body through encouraging relaxation and mood regulation.

Try all of these and more when you start our free 7-day trial and subscribe to Yoga Wake Up premium. Simply download the app and get started today!


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