Teachers Guide

Thanks for showing an interest in being on our app!

Yoga Wake Up is an audio-only app that offers on-demand yoga, stretching or meditation sequences created by teachers like you that can be used in place of an alarm clock or played on-demand from your iPhone or iPad.  We recommend that you download now and get to known the app yourself!

Imagine the impact you can have on your students when you are the first voice they hear when they wake up!  As it turns out, 67 percent of us prefer to practice yoga at home.  With Yoga Wake Up, you can reach an international audience on a unique platform and be the voice that eases them out of bed and into their best day ever.  Yoga Wake Up is offered worldwide and has users in more than 95 countries.

As a teacher on the app, you can expand your audience, build your personal brand and even make some money. We pass on 30 percent of our profits after Apple’s commission.  We have created a handy guide detailed below to show you just how to do it!  It’s that simple.

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Creating yoga wakeups is a simple way to augment your audience, personal brand and develop new income streams. We pass on 30% of our profits (after Apple's percentage) from routines directly on to the teachers who record their own lessons, and Yoga Wake Up will feature your profile and routines both in the app and in all our marketing channels. We have terrific partnerships in the yoga community already, and we're always looking for more. 

You can create one in just a few minutes. Below are the easy steps you'll need to follow to create and distribute routines.

  1. Download Yoga Wake Up and listen to recordings from other yogis to get a feel for the content and style. Yoga Wake up is available on the App Store. We're excited to hear your creative take on the types of recordings (and feature suggestions) that you will undoubtedly have, but it's helpful for you to understand what has been released before.
  2. Download, read and sign the Teacher Agreement.

  3. Recording Environment: Due to hardwood floors, dry wall and other hard objects in your average house, the echo can effect the quality of the recording tremendously. For this reason, we recommend you find a small room (like a walk in closet) that has a lot of clothes, carpeted floors, and little open wall space. If your closet is empty try to add as much clothing as possible to cover any hard surfaces the sound might bounce off of. If you have hard wood floors we suggest laying a blanket down on the ground to ensure the best quality recording.

  4. Start creating! You are welcome to create as many as you like, but we prefer you start with 3. This gives us and you a chance to learn what works and what does not.

download (1).jpeg
  • The recordings should be between 5 and 15 minutes in length

  • Each wakeup should start with approximately 30 seconds of calming music, as this will be the first sound listeners hear in the morning

  • Please remember to provide listeners with a gradual wakeup and lead them out of bed, and this recording will likely begin as they are asleep

  • Your listeners can’t see you as they would in a classroom, so please explain each pose to the best of your abilities (some users will be beginners and may not know what a child’s pose or cobra is)

  • You are more than welcome to produce any level of difficulty you'd like, just be sure to let know how challenging it is, so we can inform new users of what to expect.


5. Music. We have contracts with BMI, and ASCAP, giving you a wide variety of choices to select music from that you feel would best fit the mentality and energy of your wakeup. Feel free to select any song (or multiple) that you find from either of these websites! You will need to purchase the song you want to use however you typically buy your music (i.e. iTunes, etc.) if you do not already own it. You are welcome to create your own music, as long as you own the rights to that music and have the legal authority to give Yoga Wake Up permission to use it.

                BMI music: please email us the "Work #" listed under the title of the song 

               ASCAP music: please email us the "Work ID" number listed under the title of the song            

6. Editing (using Garageband or similar software):  Here is a nice youtube video on adding and editing voice in Garageband. To add your music in:

Recording and Editing a vocal part within GarageBand on the iMac and iPad.
  • You will need a duplicable copy of the song that can be used in Garageband (mp3 or purchase on iTunes)
  • Drag the song into Garageband
  • Position song so it fits with your wake up
  • Adjust the volume of the song and your voice so the work well with each other.
  • If you have troubles mixing or DJing allow 1 song to finish completely before another begins.
  • Export your song as AAC (this will create a .m4a file on your computer)

6. Email us with questions or suggestions, if you need any guidance or have any questions along the way - that’s what we’re here for! 

7. Deliverables. Send Joaquin (email) the following:

  • Wakeup file (MP3, or M4A)
  • Please give each wakeup a unique name (examples on the app)
  • Short description (1-4 sentences)
  • Difficulty level
  • Whether a mat is needed
  • Any other information that you would like to share with listeners (inspiration, style, etc.)
  • Picture (headshot of yourself, or an image of you doing yoga in your bed or bedroom)
  • You can also provide an image that is specific to the wakeup
  • Optional link to your website
  • BMI work #, or ASCAP work ID for all songs used

We're looking forward to waking up to your lessons!