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bring yoga wake up to your workspace


peace of mind for your team's first waking minutes


Waking up with a gentle alarm clock can have an extraordinary impact on one's day. Introducing a digital wellness benefit that will empower your employees with a scientifically proven morning routine to reduce stress, increase productivity, and create happier people! 


get rewarded!

If your company takes a meeting with us, you'll receive a free year of Yoga Wake Up. If your company signs up for a Yoga Wake Up corporate plan, you'll receive a $250 Amazon gift card as a thank you for the referral!

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what our partners are saying

The wake up from bed sessions are amazing - even for the mornings you don’t even want to open your eyes, by the end I’m sitting up and ready to get my day going. 

For someone who had a tough time getting out of bed each day, this has been a game changer. I start everyday on a more positive note. I love this app.

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