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chakra tune-up

7-part series

Join Essence Wall in waking with a daily chakra tune-up; each morning dedicated to one of the seven chakras. In this series, she will show us how to activate each chakra with the beautiful vibration of our own voice, as we move through gentle stretching in bed and a brief affirmation “prompt” to repeat throughout the day.
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master your mornings

5-part series

In 5 days we teach snoozers how to break up with their alarm clock and replace it with a new healthy wakeup routine composed of simple breathwork, gentle stretching and encouraging affirmation. Anyone who’s ever dreaded waking up will soon welcome the day and aliveness they feel after just 10 minutes a day with Yoga Wake Up.
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the yogi way

7-part series

These seven practices are a gentle, approachable reminder that anyone can benefit from waking up like the yogis do— no experience necessary! It’s the how and why yogis do what they do covering a yogi’s approach to connection, kindness, gratitude, self-reflection, clarity, resilience and community, with easy asana woven throughout to gently awaken mind and body.