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Yoga Wake Up is an exclusive partner in the FabFitFun Spring 2022 subscription box! Become a FabFitFun subscriber HERE or access our exclusive offer - 3 months of Yoga Wake Up premium included with our acu-pillow. Plus, access 7 unique sessions created with the acu-pillow for digestion, relaxation, organ relief and optimal well-being!


Your 3-month Yoga Wake Up subscription comes with:

  • Mindfulness sessions for any time of day, plus bed yoga
  • 5- to 15-minute guided audio sessions; choose from 365+
  • On demand—anytime, anywhere
  • FabFitFun audio exclusive featuring acu-expert Kaita Mrazek -- sessions for digestion, relaxation, sleep, morning movement, meditation and more!


Discover how acupressure can help not only your neck and back, but your digestion and sense of well-being, too!

Yoga Wake Up acu-pillow + 3 months' app subscription

  • Acu-Pillow Care Instructions:

    Spot-clean by hand with gentle detergent and water. Air-dry.

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