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Yoga Wake Up's 2021 gift-giving guide

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The holidays are upon us! And with the festivities comes the biggest gift-giving season of the year. However, finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family can be stressful. From clothes to toys to electronics, there is undoubtedly lots to choose from. Fortunately, the Yoga Wake Up team is here to help!

Gather inspiration and see what we're giving this holiday season…

Laurel Erilane, teacher:

"Gifting is one of my love languages. I will always make food for the people I love; any time of the year. With a grateful heart this holiday season, I will gather with friends to fill their bellies with yummy food, laughs and stories, because my favorite all-time gift to give and receive is presence with people who make my life better just by being a part of it!” Gift it: Sweet Laurel cookbook, get it on Amazon

In the spirit of presence with friends and family, try Laurel’s 'Partner Stretch' Try it

Lizzie Brown, CEO:

“I’m getting everyone on my list something fun from my favorite shop MeUndies – it’s an LA-based brand with a mission I am proud of, that I’ve followed for more than a decade, and they recently added pajamas! I may have also gifted myself a plaid onesie, just because. =) ” Gift it:

If you love practicing yoga in your PJs, try 'Today is Yours' with Kate Lister Try it

Sunaina Bose, intern:

“This holiday season, I’m gifting my sister a pair of shoes from Dolfie Paradise. Not only are they super fun for everyday wear, but they are also sustainably made and 100% vegan! And to make things even better, they’re currently on sale so I might even get myself a pair to match.” Gift it:

Get moving with a mindful walking meditation such as 'Visualizing from a Joyous Place' with Erin Ward. Try it

Lindsey Valdez, teacher:

“This year I’m gifting mantra jewelry to my loved ones handmade by MyIntent 🥰 I love the sentiment behind choosing a word that empowers + encourages us to show up our best selves every day!” Gift it:

Visualize the day you want to unfold with Lindsey’s 'Goood Vibrations' Try it

Joaquin Brown, CTO:

"I love a gift that lasts forever so I splurged big this year on USA-made, stainless steel cookware for Lizzie that has a lifetime warranty. I know she will get joy out of a gift that she can literally use every day because she loves to prepare nutritious meals for us, and I feel good knowing it’s not ending up in a landfill ever!" Gift it: Saladmaster

Take care of your mind and body with a bedtime 'Rest & Digest for Sleep' practice with Emilie Perz. Try it

Niki Saccareccia, teacher:

"I'm such a fan of female-owned Beyond Yoga, which FINALLY came out with menswear, so I'm gifting these luscious yoga pants to my male clients and my boyfriend." Gift it:

The holidays often bring up stuck emotion. Move to change the mood with Niki. Try it

Katie Camille, communications manager:

"My mom and I recently moved from New York to North Carolina, and my brother is stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. Since we’re all 'Southerners' now, my brother has insisted we look the part with cowboy boots. I’m gifting my mom a pair of boots from Tecovas. Each pair is handmade and add a lil’ fun to any outfit!" Gift it:

Fuel your inner Courage & Confidence with Magalie René. Try it

Justin Randolph, teacher:

"This year I’m giving my mom a beautiful replica of my dogs paw print that is encased in wood. My beloved beagle was put to rest in June. He was with us for 14 years and he loved my mom, who loved him even more. My mother lives alone and cherishes the memory of my dog who she had a close bond with; I want her to feel his presence even when she is alone." Gift it: Hearts & Halos

Find some comfort through feelings of grief during the holidays with Justin's 'Reiki for an aching heart during the holidays' Try it


The best gift is one that keeps giving all year long. Gift a subscription to Yoga Wake Up to your loved ones to support their self-care goals, healthy rituals and general well being. Not only will it arrive instantaneously, but it’s also motivation for a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle, year after year.

Use to send your friends and family a gift that's supporting small business and made locally, and with love.


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