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Yoga Wake Up is now available in Spanish!

After revolutionizing the way thousands of people wake up by replacing their morning alarm clock with audio-guided yoga and meditation, Yoga Wake Up is expanding its international reach with the launch of a Spanish-language version of the app, with 30 new classes recorded in Spanish created by nine native Spanish speaking teachers from Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, and Chile.

In keeping with its mission to make every person a “morning person,” this language expansion aims to bring the transformative power of Yoga Wake Up to a broader audience, catering to over 490 million native Spanish speakers globally. In the past, Yoga Wake Up has been limited in how accessible it is to those who speak English as a second language or not at all. Translating the Yoga Wake Up app into Spanish makes new markets more widely accessible and provides an opportunity for more people to discover the power of day-long mindfulness, beginning with a healthy morning and evening routine.

“We created Yoga Wake Up to bring about a mindful lifestyle that prioritizes developing healthy habits around your bedtime and waking routine”, says CEO Lizzie Brown, “Most of all, we wanted to make a daily mindfulness practice accessible and approachable. Offering the app and its many yoga, meditation, and breathwork offerings in Spanish will make it available to an entirely new audience.”

This decision to expand language offerings sprouted in 2022 after founders Lizzie and Joaquín Brown were among the first Latinx cohort of Apple Entrepreneur Camp, a program designed to elevate app creators and founders from underrepresented groups in technology. The founders aptly chose to launch during Hispanic Heritage Month, a month that recognizes the contributions and influences of Hispanic Americans.

“Launching Yoga Wake Up in Spanish during a time when our Latino heritage is celebrated holds special meaning to us”, said Lizzie Brown, whose mother is from Cuba (Joaquin Brown’s mother is Mexican). “Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor and celebrate our culture, and as the fall season approaches, it’s also a great time to start a new healthy routine— like bookending your day with yoga or meditation.”

While the Spanish translation of the app is the company's first expansion into international language markets, founders Lizzie and Joaquín Brown don’t plan to stop there. “We are on the path to roll out additional languages, including French, German, and Portuguese”, said Lizzie Brown.

Yoga Wake Up subscribers can toggle between English and Spanish in their app settings and have access to both English and Spanish sessions, regardless of their selected language.


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