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Want To Connect With Your Spirit Guide? Do This

While wanting to connect with your spirit guides is something that sounds cool year-round, the ability to do so becomes more of a rampant desire come Halloween. Makes sense – it is the holiday that puts magic and otherworldly connection at the forefront! That’s exactly why we invited our friend, Aarona Leá, to record a meditation that helps achieve that for Yoga Wake Up – just in time for Oct. 31.

Leá’s session, titled Spirit Guide Meditation, empowers those listening to form a deeper bond with their spirit guides. “The unseen world is a force that can add a loving presence, guidance, and support to our lives,” she writes in the description for the audio-guided meditation, available on the app now. “What we can’t see can have as much power as what we can see when we trust what we feel.”

Sounds a lot like intuition, right? That’s because nurturing this bond starts there. And yes, there is a way to deepen and improve this natural intuition, aka the gut feeling that arises when something feels off. Experts share that beginning by connecting with your own self first is key. Deep belly breathing, unlocking the mind-body connection so many of us are quick to brush off in the fast-paced days of our lives, and documenting each change of emotion in a journal – these are all recommended to enrich this connection with spirit.

"Just getting three quiet minutes a day can get you in touch with your intuition," Judith Orloff, MD, professor of psychiatry at UCLA and author of Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing, previously told Inc, further proving that this type of relationship with oneself (and beyond) doesn't have to look like something straight out of Hocus Pocus. It's even more satisfying.

Ready to try it out yourself? Light a candle, get comfortable, and check out Aarona Leá’s meditation session on Yoga Wake Up, and start tuning in with yourself and your spirit guide.


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