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Tip Tuesday: Take a Nidra Nap

If you've been feeling off your game lately or you're just extra tired from the holiday weekend, why not sleep like the Gods do?

Yoga Nidra, Sanskrit for "yogic sleep", is a centuries-old practice that has the effect of bringing you into a deep state of rest and relaxation while still maintaining consciousness. It's incredibly unique as a form of meditation, because it is said that a 20-minute yoga nidra session can offer similar benefits to the nervous system as several hours of sleep. Anyone can do it. You must simply be able to lie down, rest comfortably and listen to an audio-guided yoga nidra session.

They call this a "nidra nap". And all you need is 25 minutes!

Try Effortless Reset with Hilary

Have you tried a nidra nap? If so, let us know what you think. Want to go deeper? Follow yoga nidra expert teacher Hilary Jackendoff on Instagram where she offers weekly live nidra sessions and periodic trainings.

Namaste and sweet dreams!


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