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The Best Morning Routine Starts With These Audio-Guided Sessions

The start of a new day may sound daunting at first, but these relaxing and energizing audio-guided sessions will transform the way you approach each day.

Ready to conquer your morning routine? Keep scrolling to find the one that’s perfect for you. Then, open up the Yoga Wake Up app and hit play.

If You Consider Yourself A Yoga Expert …

Try “Sunrise Flow”!

Instructor: Derek Beres (@derekberes)

Who It’s For: The person who’s ready to take on the day! This yoga routine is perfect for those who are accustomed to a more advanced yoga routine.

Described As: “Perfect flow for the morning or anytime!”

Why You’ll Love It: Paired with music that’s equal parts upbeat and calming, this audio-guided session is an energizing way to kick off your day.

If Your Day Is Lacking Positive Affirmations …

Instructor: Andrew Sealy (@andrew7sealy)

Who It’s For: The person who’s in need of more positivity! And who isn’t?! Sealy, who we just featured on our blog, walks listeners through a soothing meditation that’s chock full of inspiring mantras – a must-have for stressful days.

Described As: Easy, meditative and relaxing.

One Of Our Favorite Quotes: “Give yourself the opportunity to share self-love with each and every cell of your being.”

If You Feel A Little Lost In Life …

Instructor: Maeve McCaffrey (@maevemcc)

Who It’s For: The person who’s always asked, “What is my purpose?” and is actively searching for an answer. McCaffrey guides listeners on a journey that’s meditative and movement-centric while sprinkling candid truths, like how “it’s incredibly uncomfortable to sit with yourself” during practice. But that above all, it’s key to “notice your body, your mood, your patterns.”

Described As: “It was beautiful and thought provoking!”

One Of Our Favorite Quotes: “What if we consciously aligned our goals with our intentions?”

If You Need An Extra Push To Get Out Of Bed …

Listen To “A Cup Of Morning Grace”!

Instructor: Justin Randolph (@justinrandolphyoga)

Who It’s For: The person who really wants to love mornings – this session will help you reach that goal.

Described As: “The most gentle, productive way to wake up!”

Why You’ll Love It: You can complete the practice from the comfort of your cozy bed!


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