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The Benefits Of Journaling Every Day

To celebrate the launch of Yoga Wake Up’s latest collaboration – a 10-day journaling and meditation program launching on the app in December – we felt it was only right to explore just how beneficial daily journaling is. So, we tapped founder of Liberate, Olivia Bowser, to share her own experience with the ritual.

“The benefits of journaling are truly endless,” says Bowser, with whom we’re partnering on this latest campaign. “Incorporating a regular journaling practice into your life can boost your mood, improve your relationships, drive creativity, improve memory, bring more joy, gratitude, and love to your life.”

Bowser isn’t the only one who believes in the power of journaling. The University of Rochester Medical Center also backs these claims. Not only is sitting back and writing about your day a nice way to unwind, but it also helps manage anxiety, reduce stress, and serves as a session of self-reflection. Unsurprisingly, putting pen to paper also helps boost memory as you recount the day’s events.

“For me personally, journaling helps me create space between myself and my thoughts and creates a greater sense of calm,” adds Bowser.

As for how to get started with this new hobby and wellness activity, it’s important to recognize that while journaling alone is a big step in the right direction, it can be amplified by also including regular meditation (this new 10-day journaling and meditation program satisfies this!), a well-balanced diet, and regular exercise.

Bowser agrees in this well-rounded approach, seeing journaling as an addition to an already fulfilling daily routine. Spoiler: It doesn't have to uproot your tried-and-true routine.

“If you practice yoga every morning, build journaling into this practice so that you finish your flow with journaling, writing affirmations or whatever comes to you,” recommends Bowser, adding: “If you drink coffee every morning, journal with your coffee! The goal is to make it feel natural within your day.”


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