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Teacher Spotlight: Maeve McCaffrey

We launched Maeve's new Yoga Wake Up audio sessions last Friday, AKA Valentine's Day and then we got to follow along with her through her weekend when she took over our Instagram Stories. There's still time to catch up with her if you head to our Highlights on our feed.

Hopefully by now you've had the chance to try one or all of Maeve's sessions, including Your Why-- Finding Your Purpose, a session to do anytime (peep the new section for afternoon) Afternoon Rebalance and Clarity, and a session dedicated to reversing "tech neck", Tech Reverse, Happy Neck & Shoulders, also useful any time it serves you. How badly do we need THAT in our lives?!? Thank YOU Maeve for contributing new content to the app, which has been long overdue! We're always so happy to wake up with your soothing, kind-hearted energy.

If you've wanted to get to know more about Maeve, look no further, and if you're not familiar, find her on the app, with 6 great Yoga Wake Up sessions.

Getting to know Maeve McCaffrey...


After feeding my cats at 5:30am (this is not optional) I go back to bed for a family snuggle until I have to get up for good sometime after 7. We really milk that sweet time together, resulting in a pretty fast sprint to get out the door, but I always try to start the day with a glass of room temp water before I'm on to decaf coffee or tea and off to class or a client. 


I love myself so much more when I'm practicing. When I love myself, it's easier to love everyone else. 


I often shower at night (I don't like to take my day to bed with me!) then decompress with my partner and discuss our days and what's coming for the next day. I should not admit this, not the healthiest habit, but we usually fall asleep in bed to "Forensic Files" -- we are addicted!  WHERE CAN WE FIND YOU?

Besides the Yoga Wake Up app, I live and teach on the westside of LA for Yogaworks and Equinox. You can get my schedule here.


I have an extensive music and playlist collection on Spotify and update my yoga class playlists often.


How you do anything is how you do everything.


My recordings are in response to what I feel like the universe needs based on my own experiences or the energy I get from my classes.

For example, the beginning of 2020 coincided with my baby finishing out his first two years. With his increased Independence, I began to feel mine as well and it triggered a lot of self study on my life's purpose. Had it changed? Was I still aligned with it? Do we set resolutions that even matter?


Maeve's relaxed nature and warmth of spirit transcend her offerings on Yoga Wake Up. These are sessions you will want to come back to time and time again to feel good in your body, take the edge off and connect mind, body and spirit. To wake up with Maeve, simply download Yoga Wake Up and head to her teacher profile, or keep up with Maeve on Instagram.


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