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Teacher Spotlight: Derek Beres

We're in a rhythm now releasing NEW Yoga Wake Up content weekly and we're so excited to be bringing you guys new audio-guided sessions from our favorites instructors!

Derek Beres was one of the very first teachers we recorded when we launched Yoga Wake Up and we have a standing appointment every Wednesday morning at 7:30 a.m. for his class at Equinox, near where we live in Culver City. His classes are unique in their sequencing and his playlists are unparalleled but what keeps us coming back is his attention to mobility-- Derek gets your body moving like no other class we've experienced in an hour of what feels like a mix between yoga, martial arts and dance.

We're really excited that he recorded again with us and hope to bring back a lot more from him in due time. For now, we're spotlighting him here!

Getting to know Derek Beres...


My alarm cat is three cats demanding breakfast. After they’re fed and the coffee is in my veins, I love to write first thing, unless I’m running out to a workout, which is usually at 6:45 am. In terms of movement, all my workouts, whether yoga, weightlifting, or hiking, begin with mobility drills.


Working in media, I’m at my laptop most of the day. There are so many distractions. Yoga gives me an opportunity to turn off all alerts and focus on my form and breath. Yoga is also a great companion to all the other workouts that I regularly perform.


I am a voracious reader. My evening routine involves reading, stretching/Feldenkrais, and often my Hypervolt, which I use to target the tight regions of my glutes, QL, and upper back.


I teach five weekly classes at Equinox in Los Angeles. derekberes.com for the schedule.


I update the yoga playlist that I teach to every Saturday via Spotify.

WORD TO LIVE BY “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” — Arthur Schopenhauer


If you find a movement that challenges you, don’t avoid it—dive into it. Be smart; don’t force any movement to the point of injury. But when you hit that point of challenge, pause and breathe into it. You have to acclimate your nervous system to this new position. When you accomplish it, your boundaries have been expanded.

Derek has three new Yoga Wake Up sessions on the app including "Sunrise Flow", "Feldenkrais Flow" and "Evening Elongation". Want to get to know Derek better? Follow him on Instagram.