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stop the clock: how to slow time and live in the moment

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

It’s a saying we’ve all heard and felt, “time flies when you’re having fun”. Sometimes time feels like it goes by so fast that we get caught up in the mundane motions of our day-to-day lives — work, family, kids, responsibilities, and before you know it, a day has passed and you haven’t stopped to enjoy any of the little moments of life. Think about the last time you stopped to appreciate the beauty of the world around you…it probably wasn’t recent, right? Let’s change that! Here’s our top tips for living life in the present, and making time feel like it’s going by slower.

Get outside

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the time to get outside and enjoy your surroundings, especially if you work a full-time job. Make it a priority to spend at least 10 minutes uninterrupted outside and disconnecting from all of the unfinished tasks on your to-do list. Drink your morning coffee outside, take a “hot girl walk” on your lunch break, or do a 2-minute meditation from Yoga Wake Up on a bench in the park. Take in the sounds you hear, the way the breeze feels on your body, the way the leaves rustle on the trees. Nature is a great way to feel more present in everyday moments and also contributes to your physical and emotional wellbeing!

Make your meals mindful moments

We need food to survive, but food is for enjoyment too! Instead of scarfing down your meal to get to your next task more quickly, take a moment with each bite and actually taste the flavors. Focus on how your meal is making you feel and set your phone down to eliminate any external distractions. If you’re eating with a friend or a partner, enjoy the conversation you’re having. Meals typically signal the start or end to the day, so make your meals an intentional marker of another day well spent.


When your mind feels like it’s running a million miles a minute, the idea of slowing down and focusing on your mind and breath probably sounds a little overwhelming. That actually means that you probably need meditation in your life! Meditation allows us to focus on the present moment, and is a great way to make your days stop feeling like they’re a blur at the end of the week. When you experience your life moment by moment, it will make time feel slower and each moment more intentional. If you’ve never practiced meditation before, Yoga Wake Up makes it easy! Instead of being jolted awake by your phone alarm, wake up to a soothing meditation or a gentle yoga flow from the comfort of your bed. This way, you’ll prioritize your mental and emotional wellbeing right at the start of your day and be ready to tackle whatever life may throw at you.

Single task instead of multitasking

While many people may brag about being able to multitask, multitasking actually takes a serious toll on our productivity. Focusing on a single task is less distracting, and is more likely to allow you to actually complete the task at hand. If you find yourself struggling to single task, try setting a timer for 20 minutes and focusing on one single task during that time. You’ll become more mindful of when your mind starts to get distracted, and you can reset with a quick meditation or step outside to regroup your thoughts.

Slow down, step back, and begin to appreciate the little things that happen throughout your day. As you become more aware of your surroundings, that clock just may tick by a little slower.


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