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Soak up the summer with these 5 refreshing audios

It's getting hot in here!💦 And whether you're anxious to escape the summer heat or excited to soak it all in, when temperatures rise, our bodies seek a way to cool down.

5 Energizing Audio Sessions to Kickstart your Summer

Thankfully, Yoga Wake Up offers a slew of audio-guided "anytime" movement sessions that are short and sweet. So even when you're sweating with us, you can rest assured knowing the end is near! So how about we take 10 minutes, build some heat and then welcome our cool down! we come!

How Much Time You’ll Need: 9 minutes

Instructor: Vance Vlasek

About The Session: This is super new for Yoga Wake Up! Are you ready?! Because Vance is going to get you moving from 0 to 60 in just 9 minutes time! We're going to tap into life force with a mindful and motivational 5-minute cardio/strength session followed by 5 minutes of energizing breath and meditation.

What Fans Say: "Wow!!! 🤩That was intense and exhilarating."

How Much Time You’ll Need: 15 minutes

Instructor: Lindsey Valdez

About The Session: Welcome good vibrations into your day right away as you visualize how you'd like your day to look, sound, taste, and feel. Wake up the energy centers of the body sweetly and intentionally while we smile awake from the heart space and get you feeling alright for your day!

What Fans Say: "Probably one of my favorite wakeup routines!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 17 minutes

Instructor: Andrew Sealy

About The Session: Free flow into happiness and harmony with this brightening, positive, active practice. As fresh oxygen flows in to be of service to a more happy heart and centered mind; tension and stress flows out to bring you back to balance. What Fans Say: "Everything about this session just puts a smile on my face!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 13 minutes

Instructor: Ava Johanna

About The Session: This yoga flow will have you glowing from the inside out with simple breathwork, fluid movement, and gentle core work, because nothing says summer like showing off your abs!

What Fans Say: "Calm, easy-to-follow and energizing, left me wanting more!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 26 minutes

Instructor: Loren Yandoc

About The Session: For this longer afternoon session, Loren will help you break free from the monotony and get flowy & funky with some Bob Marley-inspired beats. And who doesn’t want that?

What Fans Say: "More reggae wakeups please!"


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