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skip the studio, here's all you need to practice at home

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

A New Year just started, and for a lot of us that means trying to fix old habits or work on new resolutions. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that you need to make these grand! That’s just not the case, because working on yourself looks different for everyone.

As a student, I’m often busy, stressed, and definitely on a budget. That’s why it’s necessary for me to find convenient and affordable ways to incorporate self care into my busy life. While the pandemic has caused much uprooting and added friction to my everyday, it’s also invited me to get creative when it comes to how I fit selfcare into my routine. Turns out, staying home offers a lot of convenience to my self-care practice. Here’s how I am making a home yoga practice work for me.

Splurge on your yoga mat

Very few workouts require as little space as yoga. A yoga mat like the one I love by Manduka will give you something soft to stand on that will also help prevent slipping. But should you not have a mat, you can still get in a good practice on a bare floor with a towel, or in bed with Yoga Wake Up’s from bed sessions!

Use props from around the house

Grab a pillow and use for poses like supported bridge or shoulder stand, or restorative poses like child’s pose. Books work great in place of yoga blocks. Keep a towel nearby to roll up and use as a prop under your knees in savasana, along your spine for heart openers, or in lieu of a mat. Bonus: Doubles up as an actual towel and you need to dry off!

Practice like no one’s watching!

The benefit of being at home is being free to dress and move however you feel! Dress comfortably, which could mean staying in your PJs or in the nude. You do you and enjoy the comfort and intimacy of your bedroom!

Set the mood for relaxing self-care

Dim the light and light a candle or some sage. Diffuse essential oils or spray some on your mat or towel. Enjoy and indulge in whatever it is that will put you in the most peaceful state to focus on yourself and be present throughout your practice.

Bring a positive attitude

We know things look different now. We’re calling in a time when we can go easier on ourselves, be kind to our bodies and try a new approach to old ways. It’s an exciting time because we can rewrite our rule books.

When I first got started, yoga seemed like one of the most intimidating physical activities. Once I did it, even just once, I realized like most things in life, it’s what you make of it. In this New Year, it’s important to remember that tiny steps can lead to great change over time. Physical activity and moving your body, even simply from your living room, is a great way to relieve stress and give yourself a natural energy boost.

Now that you’re ready to bring the namaste home, try a few of our favorite home yoga sessions on the Yoga Wake Up app.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 10:06 minutes

Instructor: Angela Leigh

What People Are Saying: “Great flow: wonderful, quick and energizing"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 12:19 minutes

Instructor: Niki Saccareccia

What People Are Saying: "Beautiful, simple, thoughtful, deep!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 8:23 minutes

Instructor: Andrew Sealy

What People Are Saying: “Straight forward and simple. Nice way to pause and let go"


Sarah Bouchez is an intern for Yoga Wake Up, offering a student's perspective on life as an aspiring yogi.


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