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remote work is here to stay — start doing desk yoga!

It’s been over 2 years since our lives came to what felt like a screeching halt — lockdowns, masks, sanitizing our groceries, learning to bake bread, whipped coffee, and for a lot of people, working from home. While some companies have returned to normal in-person operations, a lot of businesses turned fully remote or hybrid when they learned that their employees can be just as productive from the comfort of their home. So, while working in your pajamas might not be new, adapting to a fully remote work life is. In the “before” times, you may have had a midday lunch break to get up and walk around, but now it might take a little extra effort to remove yourself from your work setup when you’re living in it.

With classes ranging from 2-30 minutes, you can add in a quick meditation to feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever project you’re working on. Download Yoga Wake Up and add in a moment of peace to your day.

Employees that work from home may have the added pressure that comes from working with children, pets, and partners around them. It’s important to create boundaries when you’re remote, whether that’s blocking off time on your calendar to step away from your work setup, or taking 5 minutes to stretch at your desk, our personal favorite way to add movement and stress relief into our remote workday is desk yoga! Desk yoga can boost your mood, increase your energy and focus, and is a great way to relieve stress quickly. Before you run to swap your pajama bottoms for leggings, you don’t need any special equipment to start doing yoga at your desk. Here’s 4 of our favorite desk yoga poses to promote stretching, stress relief, and a mindful break from your remote workday.

Seated Crescent Moon

While seated, stretch both arms above your head, connect your palms together, and stretch your fingers wide. Slowly lean to one side for 3 deep breaths, and repeat on the other side. Crescent moon pose gently stretches your sides and lengthens your spine, alleviating any tightness you may feel from being seated.

Seated Twist

While seated, gently bring both of your arms to one side of your chair, gently twisting your abdomen and chest to whichever side your arms are. Hold each side for a few breaths before twisting to the other side.

Seated Pigeon Pose

While seated in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, bring your right leg over your left at a 90-degree angle. Keep your right foot flexed to reduce pressure on your left knee. You should feel a stretch on the outside of your right thigh. Hold this position for 10 seconds before switching to your left side.

Wrist Stretch

After hours of typing or writing at your desk, your wrists might start to feel a little achy. While seated at your desk, stretch both of your arms out in front of you with your palms relaxed and facing the floor. While keeping your arm straight to your wrist, allow your right hand to completely relax and drop your fingertips down toward the floor. With your left hand, slowly apply pressure to stretch your right hand down more. Repeat this on the other side.

Looking for more yoga and meditation content? Check out Yoga Wake Up! With hundreds of audio-based yoga and meditation classes ranging from 2-30 minutes, you can practice yoga anywhere, anytime. No equipment needed!

Here’s our favorite Yoga Wake Up sessions that can be done from the comfort of your desk, or after a long workday!

Instructor: Maeve McCaffrey

How much time you need: 14 minutes

About the session: We are attached to our devices and it takes a toll on our bodies. This practice will reverse the repetitive positions we put ourselves in for our love and dependence on technology. Plus, it will give your nervous system a vacation as well.

What fans say: Wow. I’m at a desk all day and I did this wakeup after work. My whole body relaxed instead of being tense all evening. Wonderful. Thank you!

Instructor: Vance Vlasek

How much time you need: 8 minutes

About the session: Get yourself right after all the desk sittin’ and cell phone lookin’. This end of day, uptempo to downtempo practice will help you remediate the posture prisons of modern society and help you grant yourself some peace.

What fans say: Perfect at the end of a long day.

Instructor: Cornelius Jones

How much time you need: 10 minutes

About the session: Plug in and recharge your energy through this midday moving meditation.

What fans say: Exactly what I needed! Love to shake it out! I found myself naturally proceeding to the next move without thought. Thank you!


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