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press play: practices for every emotion this holiday season – joyful or not

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is in full swing, families are gathering to celebrate, and people are thoughtfully thinking of the gifts that would put a smile on loved ones' faces. But for many, the holidays can bring up feelings of grief and stress. During a time when there’s pressure to be joyful, feeling anything but excitement can add an extra layer of sadness to an already stressful time.

Whether you’re navigating tough family dynamics, missing a loved one that you can’t see physically, or just feeling plain overwhelmed, taking moments to care for your mind and body can bring relief. Know that you aren’t alone if you’re struggling to find joy this season — be gentle toward yourself and know that this will pass. We’re wishing everyone a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Here’s our top picks for sessions that can help you navigate any emotion this holiday season, joyful or not.

For when you need a little self-love

Use this meditation as a way to lay a foundation of complete and unconditional self-love. A reminder that at our essence, we are pure love. Try this meditation and directly after, take a few moments to contemplate your intentions for the coming year. When combined with this meditation, intention setting springs from a place of fullness and love.

For when you need a reminder to feel thankful

This is a simple meditation to help you ground into your heart, ground into your connections with friends and family, and that sense of interconnection between us all. You’ll utilize your senses of visualization and touch to embody the sensations that arise when you think of your family and past history. You'll also synchronize the mantra “I am loving kindness” with your breath to emanate waves of love out to the world around you and to your loved ones.

For when your grief feels overwhelming

The holidays can cause a deep ache in many hearts. This gentle meditation is infused with comforting Reiki to soothe your aching heart and help you find peace.

For frustrating moments

This is a meditation practice to gently remind us of the sacredness and power of presence, for those times when you’re feeling frustrated or even angry with the world around you, or especially with yourself, and you want to welcome in peace.

For when you need to dance it out (trust us, just try it)

Move your body and open your heart from the comfort of your own bed. These three minutes will cause you to jump out of bed joyful, open, and ready for your day!


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