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parenting is yoga

Spoiler alert: we have a total game-changer for you in the midst of this wild journey called parenthood: yoga. We know being a mom or dad is an incredible experience, but let's face it, it can also be pretty darn exhausting. That's where yoga swoops in to save the day, offering so many benefits that can help you keep your sanity intact.

To support you on your parenting journey, we spoke with Sarah Ezrin, Yoga Wake Up teacher and author of an amazing new book titled “The Yoga of Parenting” to learn more about how parenting itself is yoga and how you can use yoga to help you stay grounded, connect with your kids, and be kind to yourself.

Staying Present

When you're a parent, your attention is constantly pulled in a million different directions. Sarah says, “Putting our needs aside does not make us better parents. The more disconnected we are from ourselves, the more disconnected we are from everyone else.” She continues, “It is impossible to be fully present with someone when you cannot be fully present with yourself. It is impossible to give someone your all if you have nothing to give.”

Yoga teaches you to be in the moment, to savor those precious interactions with your kids. By practicing mindfulness on the mat, you'll bring that presence into your daily parenting adventures, creating deeper connections and more meaningful memories.

Banishing Stress

Let's be real – parenting can be a stress-fest. That's where yoga comes to the rescue with its calming powers. Through gentle stretches, breathwork and meditation, yoga helps you release tension, unwind, and recharge. Taking care of yourself is essential, and by practicing yoga, you'll be better equipped to handle those tantrums, spills and sleepless nights.

Flexing Those Muscles

Parenting is like a full-body workout, from carrying your mini-me to running after them in the park. Yoga strengthens your body, boosts flexibility, and improves balance. With a stronger foundation, you'll tackle the physical demands of parenthood, minimizing the risk of wrist and shoulder pain related to carting around all that new stuff you have to travel with, back pain leftover from pregnancy, or just general wear and tear from the recent lack of restful sleep. But yoga is so much more than physically practicing on the mat.

Emotional Superpowers

Yoga isn't just about getting bendy; despite what you may imagine when you think of yoga. Sarah explains, “When we think of yoga, we often picture someone doing a fancy pose on a beach, but yoga is so much more about how we are living off the mat than what we’re doing when on one. It is about unity and connection—and who do we want to be more connected to than our children? (Well, most days anyway.)”

Yoga is a fantastic tool for your emotional well-being. The combo of movement, mindful breathing, and self-reflection helps you manage stress, anxiety, and those emotional rollercoasters. Yoga creates a safe space for you to let go, be kind to yourself, and approach parenting challenges with a more chilled-out mindset.

Me Time, Baby!

Finding time for self-care as a parent can be tougher than solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. But guess what? Yoga is adaptable and fits into your crazy schedule. Whether it's a quick morning wakeup with Yoga Wake Up, a sunset session, or even involving the kids in your practice, you can steal those moments for some much-deserved "me time." It's a win-win for everyone.

Sarah created 3 audio-guided sessions designed just for parents to get grounded, find their flow in the morning, and start their day off with a healthy mindset.

Instructor: Sarah Ezrin

How much time you need: 11:30 minutes

About the session: Good morning, parents, and welcome to a new day designed just for you. In this wakeup, linger in bed for a few extra minutes taking time to open the hips, shoulders, and heart.

Instructor: Sarah Ezrin

How much time you need: 8:44 minutes

About the session: Welcome parents to a morning designed for you. Take your time, beginning with how you ease gently into your day. This morning meditation invites you to do a scan of your body, connecting you to your breath and to yourself.

Instructor: Sarah Ezrin

How much time you need: 8:43 minutes

About the session: Good morning, parents, and welcome to a morning designed just for you. This wakeup encourages you to stay with yourself for a little longer today, root into this present moment, and enjoy a gentle good morning stretch before your day unfolds. This time is for you.

Embrace the power of yoga to strengthen your mind, body, and soul, and make this incredible journey even more rewarding. So, take a deep breath, roll out your mat, and let yoga be your secret weapon for navigating the ups and downs of parenting.


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