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Tips for Setting Up Your Home Yoga Practice

By Sarah Beston, Yoga Wake Up teacher

In this time of social distancing and quarantining across the globe, many of us are learning what it means to practice yoga, meditation, and other fitness-related modalities from home for the first time. Staying rooted in our practice feels particularly important right now and can serve as way to stay grounded, calm, and centered amidst the noise. Whether you’re practicing in a studio apartment in New York City or have a dedicated practice space at home, here are a few simple things you can do to help make your home yoga practice feel nourishing and sacred.

Dedicate Your Space

Luckily, you don’t need a whole lot of space to practice yoga at home. A spot large enough to role out your yoga mat and reach your arms out wide on either side of your shoulders will do. No matter the size of your practice spot, designate it as your home practice space. Make it feel special. If you’re able to be in a separate room and away from others for an hour or so, do that. And if your kids and pets are crawling all over you, invite them to your sacred space and enjoy the practice together. Maybe light a candle or bring a few items that are meaningful to you into your surroundings—a photograph or statue of a spiritual teacher, mala beads, incense, a plant, or a special candle. You may want to have a journal nearby in case anything comes up for you during your practice that you’d like to jot down. The important thing is that you have a dedicated space to call your own during these few precious moments of breathing and moving on your mat.

Dedicate Your Time

I find myself rolling out my mat to move and meditate just before sunrise. The stillness and quietude of the early morning, before the birds announce themselves for the day, feels like a special secret. What time of day, given your current schedule, do you like to practice? Are you an afternoon practitioner or do you prefer evening classes to unwind before bed? Identify the time of day that works best for you and stick with it. Schedule the time into your calendar and show up for yourself.

Dedicate Your Practice

Before you begin your practice take a moment to check in and notice your breath. Allow for a few deep cleansing breaths to settle, and then check in with an intention or sankalpa for your practice. A sankalpa can be a statement or a word that reminds us to come back to our true, divine nature or a letting go of anything that may be in the way of realizing this. Is there something that you’d like to call in or let go of before you begin? What is your heart’s deepest desire? I also like to invite in a dedication for my practice—devoting my practice to someone in my life that needs a little extra love or encouragement and maybe the person that needs a little extra support right now is you. We’re all in this together.

Let’s stay in community virtually during this time. Sign up for my live virtual yoga and meditation classes here.


Sarah Beston is a yoga & meditation teacher, inner wellness coach, and writer based in Los Angeles. Through her teachings and guidance, Sarah hopes to inspire others to overcome self-imposed limitations, helping them to uncover their individual truths and become the best versions of themselves. Find her on the Yoga Wake Up app where she has 6 wakeup sessions. Download today and get 7 days free.

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