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Just breathe-- How a daily Breathwork practice can bring on the calm

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Anyone that has experienced a yoga class is likely familiar with the concept of controlling your breath. This basic practice, known in Sanskrit as pranayama, translates simply to "life force" and "control", and consists of conscious breathing or becoming aware of your inhales and exhales. If you've tried it, you've likely noticed how it also serves as a way to calm the mind and relax the body - it's an excellent tool for de-stressing when we feel challenged or nervous. And the best part, it's easy!

When we practice breathwork, or consciously breathe, we tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, also know as a "rest & digest" state in which the heart rate slows, blood pressure drops and we create an instant state of calm. It also invites relaxation in the body, such as the neck and shoulders which can carry so much physical tension. Because of its natural ability to oxygenate the blood and body, and its accessibility (anyone can do it!) simply closing down the eyes and bringing awareness to the breath can bring you into a calmer state almost instantly.

Haven't tried it? Here's your chance to give it a shot. We've rounded up 5 of our favorite audio-guided breathwork sessions including how they can support you. So grab your phone, find Yoga Wake Up & press play!

How Much Time You’ll Need: 7:52 minutes

Instructor: Niki Saccareccia

What People Are Saying: “Sometimes the simplest practices are the most powerful."


How Much Time You’ll Need: 9:16 minutes

Instructor: Lindsey Valdez

About The Session: When breathing deeply in this way, the lungs expand, the heart gets massaged by the breath, and the cells of the body get nourished and exfoliated with this powerful breath flow! This practice is deeply revitalizing for the entire mind, body, heart system and can promote deep and profound breakthroughs of any disconnect or dormant energies that have been stored consciously or unconsciously.


How Much Time You’ll Need: 17:05 minutes

Instructor: Erin Ward

What People Are Saying: “Simply put, an extraordinairy practice" "I feel cleansed and ready for my day!"


How Much Time You’ll Need: 6:55 minutes

Instructor: Lindsey Valdez

About The Session: This practice allows you to get familiar with the instrument of your own voice. Humming or Buzzing has a positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels, and promotes a sense of calm! *Bonus Tip ~ Children LOVE this practice too!


How Much Time You’ll Need: 6:02 minutes

Instructor: Justin Randolph

About The Session: We are at the center of our circumstances. Regardless of challenges we face, we have the opportunity with every breath and every pregnant pause to get insight and transform.


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