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How to use sound to balance the chakras

There are many reasons to enjoy the soothing sounds of crystal bowls. If you've ever attended a sound bath, you have likely experienced the profound relaxation associated with this unique vibrational healing modality.

photo courtesy of @nicolemotternyc

In addition to its calming, relaxing effect, singing bowls also possess the ability to realign or heal the chakras, or energy centers of the body. This is because each of these energy centers has a “unique vibrational frequency.” These frequencies can interact with the vibration frequencies that are created when playing a singing bowl.

Like any musical instrument, crystal "singing" bowls rely on friction and vibration, like striking or rimming the bowl with a mallet, to create sound. The sound waves created when one plays a singing bowl interact with the unbalanced chakras causing them to self-correct.

Chakra balancing with singing bowls restores a “harmonious flow of energy” to the chakra system in a natural and calming way.

Yoga Wake Up recently collaborated with sound work practitioner Nicole Motter to release a 7-part chakra balancing sound bath series. Each 10-minute audio session, which can be played as a wakeup or anytime features a unique audio-guided meditation and crystal sound to balance and realign each corresponding chakra.

Ground into the sounds of smoky quartz as you melt away negativity and relax into the supported flow of life. Allow yourself to feel held, connected, and safe.

Working with the sounds of palladium, you’ll shift with ease into a sense of joy and purpose, tapping into your inner child and bringing about a sense of wonder.

Feel into your power and set yourself up for success with this 10-minute sound bath meditation. The balancing sounds of indium move through the experience to support you.

Tap into the frequency of unconditional love with the sounds of mother of platinum. Feel a calming of your emotions, as you open your heart to whatever it is you are calling in.

Allow the healing sounds of smoky quartz to clear away blockages preventing you from showing up as your most authentic self. Let go of anything that isn’t yours to carry as you calm your mind and relax your body.

As the third-eye-chakra-tuned bowls infused with indium bring you into a state of deep relaxation, your body will begin to clear away stress, worry, and tension, helping you tap into your clear inner knowing and create the changes you seek.

Sound bath meets guided meditation in this 10-minute deeply relaxing experience humming with a sound infused with palladium, . Feel connected with your own higher consciousness, while remaining present in the fullness of grounding.

Nicole Motter

We welcome you to try all seven or listen to ones as needed whenever you're seeking realignment or simply desiring some relaxation and nourishment from the bowls. Working with the chakras and singing bowls can be a profound journey into understanding your blockages and creating harmony for your mind and body. Through regular meditation you can restore balance and connect to your happiest, healthiest you!


Now that you're attuned, let's listen! You can find all of Nicole's soundwork audio sessions on the Yoga Wake Up app, including the 7-part, chakra-balancing sound bath meditation series. These are free when you subscribe to Yoga Wake Up, so download the app, available on iOS and Android, to try them all!

Do you have questions about sound work or want to get in touch with Nicole? Find her online at


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