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How to travel safely and intentionally this summer

Amid changing travel restrictions and guidelines, and varying Covid-related risks around the world, it's important to approach summer travel intuitively and with caution. We've put together some tips to help you plan a summer vacation that is both safe and intentional.

Stay (and support) local

If getting on an airplane right now is outside your comfort zone, consider a staycation in your home city. The hospitality business has been hit hard by the pandemic everywhere, so retreating to your closest all-inclusive hotel could be the best vacation to get your feet wet. Many hotels also offer outdoor yoga classes and in-room spa services, and right now feature extra safety measures to make guests feel safe and comfortable. Save the international trips for next summer!

Yoga retreat with a teacher you trust

Yoga teachers have been among the hardest hit during the shutdown. For those that bank on studio classes and annual retreats, it's been especially difficult to make ends meet! Thankfully, there are ways to retreat safely that can allow our favorite teachers to connect in person and earn a living. Find a teacher that resonates with you and is offering a small-group style retreat in a city with fewer cases or loosened restrictions.

Two Yoga Wake Up teachers have retreats planned this summer; each are a welcomed opportunity to release pent up pandemic-related stress, practice yoga and meditation daily, commune safely with a small group, and escape the monotony of working from home for a while.

Join Samora Suber for WORTHY: The Retreat Experience May 27 - 31, 2021 in Tulum, Mexico (8 spots available) Connect with like-minded sisters amidst a relaxing pool, beautiful beach, and surrounded by lush nature. We believe there is no greater power than that of a group of strong women who have each other’s backs, and that’s what we cultivate here in sacred circle. Samora's committed to helping attendees find rest and relaxation throughout the trip! Each guest has her own private suite and the resort is all-inclusive with plenty of outdoor, open air spaces to access luxury in a safe space! Learn more

Join Cornelius Jones, Jr. for Recharge, Release, and Rise 2021 (alongside his friend and collaborator Steven Washington) June 26 - July 3, 2021 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Energize and find that sweet nectar of life through Yoga and Qiqong during this 8-day movement journey designed to reduce stress, relieve tension in your body and create more energy and peace of mind in your everyday life. Xinalani Yoga & Spa Retreat Center is only accessible by boat offering an unparalleled remote retreat experience featuring open air yoga studios and set among lush jungles and an emerald ocean. Learn more

Cornelius Jones, Xinalani Yoga & Spa Retreat Center

Travel alone

Extroverts may gawk at the idea of a solo-vacation but consider this: we will not have these kinds of Covid-related restrictions forever and a trip alone can be a welcomed opportunity for self study and empowerment. Plus, there are more travel bargains to be found for solo travelers. If solo travel makes you more nervous than catching Covid, consider a short overnight camping trip. Bring a journal or turn it into an adventure incorporating hiking, cycling or getting outdoors, all activities through which Covid risks are super low. Just make sure to alert a friend of your plans and be aware of your surroundings.

We understand that travel this summer may feel different. Anxiety across the board is higher and even when things do open up, many may still be apprehensive to reintegrate. We've had a year of stationary solitude. So give yourself a break - vacation ought be mental as well as physical, so wherever the summer takes you, we hope you get a little reprieve from the stresses of life at home.

And of course, wherever you go, you can take us with you. Just download your sessions in advance and meditate and move with us anytime, anywhere.


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