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How Reiki healed me and what it can do for you too

When I came to Reiki 15 years ago I was depressed, anxious, tired, and had no tools to deal with stress. I had dabbled in meditation and was an on an off again practitioner of yoga. I was also an out of work struggling actor living in NYC and working an incredibly demanding corporate day job to pay the bills. A friend suggested Reiki to me and connected me to one of her friends who gave me my first full Reiki healing session. I laid on a comfortable massage table not knowing what to expect, I fell in and out of sleep, and while I don’t remember exactly what happened during my session I do know my entire life changed after that. I suddenly felt peace that I have never felt before, I felt calm, and a sense of hope blossomed within me. Two days later I booked one of my first high profile acting jobs. And life continued to move forward for me in a positive direction. I kept coming back to Reiki every few months to return to that same peaceful feeling I had found that day. It was always there for me.

A couple of years pass by and I’m visiting my best friend in the Berkshires and he mentions that has recently became Reiki Level 1 certified, which meant he could give Reiki to himself. My curiosity grew, and later that year I did my first Reiki training which then led to a second training, a third training, and finally a master training. To say that Reiki has been the catalyst for well being in my life would be a gross understatement. It is my go-to form of self-care, and to this day is one of my favorite healing modalities to teach and share. But the question often is “what EXACTLY is Reiki?” There are many definitions, but my favorite is…

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Kee) is the purest expression of unconditional love. It is universal life force energy in its purest form that promotes calm, healing, creativity, expansion, opportunity, balance, and so much more.

A person who is trained in Reiki has been attuned into a thousand-year-old lineage based Tibetan healing modality. The Reiki flows through the practitioner and is directed to the being or object that the Reiki is intended to go to. Once someone is attuned into Reiki they can direct the healing to themselves. This has certainly become a part of my daily practice. One of my favorite things to do is to give myself Reiki during meditation or right before bed. The benefits of Reiki that I have experienced are:

· Promotes healing and well being

· Aids in pain management

· Releases tension in the body

· Relieves stress and anxiety

· Aids in relaxation

· Improves sleep

· Aids digestion

· Boosts self-esteem

· Boosts intuition and self-awareness

Reiki won’t magically take away your problems, but it will begin to give you a map to move towards problem solving. Just like all forms of healing, Reiki healing is a co-creative experience, meaning in order to move towards wholeness you must put in the work as well.

Each day Reiki gives us the opportunity to co create our experiences by following its principles:

Just for today I will not be angry.

Just for today I will not worry.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

Just for today I will be grateful for my many blessings.

Following these principles just for today will create space in your life for miracles to happen. The work is not easy, but if we can focus just on TODAY magic can happen.

An advanced Reiki practitioner has the tools to send distance Reiki, meaning you can receive Reiki at any time without being in the same shared space or time as the Reiki practitioner. In fact, many of us are receiving Reiki today that was sent 30-40 years ago. Reiki has no ties to time or distance, and so distance Reiki can be quite powerful.

My latest wake up Emergency Reiki Rescue is infused with Reiki that will come to you when you need it the most. Some days we feel panic, we cannot get out of a vicious cycle of negative thinking, and we need to be rescued. While recording this rescue my intention was that the Reiki being sent (While recording) go to you when you most need it. There is nothing you need to do but simply receive. You may feel tingling, vibration, or heat. And you may feel nothing at all-and that is ok. It does not mean that it is not working. A Reiki Morning is also available for you on the app, and this meditation is also infused with distance Reiki when you need it the most.

While there are many different definitions of Reiki, and perhaps its purity has been diluted over the years, it is certain that it works. The only way to experience it is to dive in and receive it. If you know of a Reiki practitioner near you ask to arrange a distance healing. Or if you’re looking for distance healing or a Reiki Level 1 training I’ll be offering a level 1 training virtually on June 7th at 12 PM PDT. To register visit my website


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