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Happy Earth Day! Why we're partnering with sustainable home brand Fernish

Yoga Wake Up has always been about meeting you where you are - may that be spiritually, physically or literally. Now more than ever, that matters, as we are spending unprecedented time in our homes at all hours of the day! Yoga Wake Up, which began as a bed-yoga app that replaces your usual morning alarm, is now serving easy, audio-guided yoga beyond the bed!

Because we know how sacred your yoga and meditation space ought to be, it's really necessary that we create a home that invites our wellness practice into every room. Interestingly, weeks before Coronavirus hit, we had moved into our new Yoga Wake Up HQ and were shopping around for the best way to furnish and design our new space, which is part bedroom AKA yoga studio and part office. We wanted a multi-functional space that represented our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Enter Fernish, a premium furniture rental service that turns your space into a home you love.

We reached out to the founders Michael and Lucas and turns out, they're a great team too, with a startup that we can really get behind. So we decided to partner. As a result we get to share Fernish with you guys (with an exclusive discount) and they are sharing Yoga Wake Up with their subscribers too.

Three Things we Love About Fernish (that you will love too!)

1. They're a subscription just like us!

With Fernish, which is currently available in Seattle and Los Angeles, choose from a curated selection of furniture essentials, knick-knacks, and things that just make you feel good. Pay monthly, and decide later what you want to keep, return, or swap out. If you love it, just buy it out. You'll never pay more than retail!

2. They're super conscious of their impact on the environment.

By using Fernish you’re saying goodbye to “fast” furniture—cheaply made, self-assembled furniture that you’re forced to throw away after a single use. Last year they kept 75 tons of furniture out of landfills and stopped 503 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the environment.

When you're done with your Fernish items, you return them for someone else to appreciate. When all is said and done, if any furniture doesn't meet their strict standards, they donate it to charity. More on this here.

3. They make working from home (and everything else at home) easier!

Over the last month or so, working from home has become commonplace for so many, however, we're all pretty in the dark about how long this "new normal" may last. Furnishing your home is already overwhelming, particularly now as we have to scramble to create new functional spaces for work, play, wellness and family time! It's enough to really stress you out!

We fell in love with Fernish when we realized how easy they make moving in --, find and enjoy the right pieces that suit your taste - without the commitment of owning furniture. From an easy shopping experience to easy in-home delivery and assembly, they help you feel at home instantly, with affordable, quality furniture so you can focus on living!


So as you can see, we have quite a bit in common and we're pretty jazzed to introduce this to you. So without further ado, check out Fernish for your home decor needs, and if you'd like to take advantage of Yoga Wake Up's partner deal, shoot us a note or check out the community section inside the app for an exclusive 10 percent off code!


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