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don't let summer travel ruin your morning routine

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The weather is warmer, the sun is shining, and the great outdoors are beckoning for us to explore them. The one downside? Traveling, whether it’s by car, plane, or train, often throws us off of our routine. While a change in routine can feel like a welcomed break from day-to-day living, if you’ve worked hard to establish healthy habits, a few days of different scenery can cause those habits to go down the drain. Listen, we get it, you’re on vacation — let loose! But, by keeping your morning routine similar to how it is at home, you’re more likely to acclimate back to “normal” life once your vacation is over. Here’s 5 of our favorite classes to wake up to wherever in the world we are.

With Yoga Wake Up, you can take your morning and evening routine with you wherever you go. No wi-fi? No problem! Download your sessions and access them offline, anywhere and anytime.

Instructor: Lindsey Valdez

How much time you need: 15 minutes

About the session: Welcome good vibrations into your day right away as you visualize how you’d like your day to look, sound, taste, and feel. Wake up the energy centers of the body sweetly and intentionally while we smile awake from the heart space and get you feeling alright for your day!

What fans say: Probably one of my favorite wake up routines! The breathing, the music, it just starts your day off right with good vibrations and energy.

Instructor: Angela Leigh

How much time you need: 14 minutes

About the session: Whether you fancy tea, coffee, or a little bulletproof, this sweet flow will boost your energy before your morning beverage of choice.

What fans say: This is one of my all time favorite wakeups! It’s a gentle yet active flow, with a compassionate and encouraging voice that helps bring you into a grounding sense of balance as you start your day!

Instructor: Arielle Marie Fanelli

How much time you need: 7 minutes

About the session: Simple stretches and a mindset reset to get you back on track!

What fans say: Beautiful. It helped to ease some of my anxiety in the morning. I love the ending message.

Instructor: Kate Kuss

How much time you need: 7 minutes

About the session: We’ll focus on your first thoughts of the morning to help prepare for your day.

What fans say: Relaxing and down to earth intention setting. Great music and a calm, soothing voice. My favorite morning wakeup so far!

Instructor: Mia Togo

How much time you need: 14 minutes

About the session: Find peace and resurrection in this beautiful flow that begins in bed and inspires you to stand in your light, greet the sun with appreciation, and ground down to the whole of your being.

What fans say: A lovely meditative practice! Just enough energetic movement to bring you from a sleepy state to present awareness.

Whether you’re exploring National Parks, disconnecting from the noise on a remote beach, or having a staycation with your family, your morning routine can travel anywhere with you. Off the record, if there’s one place where pressing snooze *might* be allowed, it’s on vacation.

Download Yoga Wake Up and experience what a morning is supposed to feel like. With hundreds of sessions for morning, evening, and anytime in between, more mindful days are on the horizon.


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