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Cristi Christensen on What it means to be a Wild Woman

I am on a mission to awaken women around the world.

There has never been a more important or potent time for women to remember and reclaim who we really are.

We were born wild women, yet at some point in time, we forgot. Perhaps our wild nature was cloaked in our conditioning, covered in trauma, or lost in all our responsibilities.

Reclaiming your wildness means to return home to your body and to nature, to ignite your sensual prowess, to feel the full flow of your emotions, to rise up in dignity, to come into your power, to lead from your heart, to claim your voice, to tune in to your intuitive gifts, and finally, to take the seat of the queen within yourself.

This is the work of the chakra system. I have just released a 7-part Chakra Awakening series on the Yoga Wake Up app that will teach you how to use your chakra system, how to activate it, and how to awaken your aliveness through a journey of empowerment.

Furthermore, if this Chakra Awakening series speaks to you, I encourage you to do deepen your connection to these potent energy centers of the body and pre-order my book (to be released on August 17, 2021), titled Chakra Rituals: Awakening the Wild Woman Within.

Together, we are going on a step-by-step adventure to reclaim our intrinsic wild nature by searching inward—by exploring the caverns of your own shakti, your own feminine power, and excavating the precious jewels that are waiting to be placed on your crown.

You will awaken inner connections that have been lost. You will reintroduce yourself to your essence and become inspired to stop casting away parts of yourself and your womanhood.


Experience Chakra Awakenings when you subscribe to Yoga Wake Up or start our free 7-day trial. Get to know Cristi Christensen and learn how to activate and awaken your chakras, live now on @yogawakeup!


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