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Busy? Trust Us: You Have Time For These 5-Minute-Or-Less Meditations

Navigating work-life balance in quarantine is hard! There’s no denying this truth, but there is good news: Something can be done to adjust the power struggle. It’s as simple as getting into a comfortable position, pulling out your phone and toggling over to the Yoga Wake Up app to try one of these super-short, feel-good audio-guided meditations. The best gifts come in small packages – and these 5-minute-or-less sessions truly deliver.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 3:11 minutes

Instructor: Arielle Marie Fanelli

What People Are Saying: “It was a perfect reminder to direct my nervous energy towards helping and loving others in this difficult time.”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 4:53 minutes

Instructor: Erika Trice

What People Are Saying: “Easy, calming & meditative. I like the soundtrack of the rain as opposed to the music; it’s a relaxing way to enter the day without being overstimulated.”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 5:28 minutes

Instructor: Magalie Rene

What People Are Saying: “Very powerful, inspirational and something I really needed to hear during this dark time to lift my spirits.”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 5:36 minutes

Instructor: Nicole Doherty

What People Are Saying: “I couldn’t really find what I was looking for this morning, but this was such a simple meditation that I believe it would help with anything that threatens to add stress to the day.”

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