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Arielle Fanelli's 5 Tips to Beat Stress Now

This is a super intense time for many: lots of people are being put in situations they never imagined they'd find themselves in as our cities start to shut things down. In this time that is now creating financial uncertainty for many, and when there is so much information - and misinformation - being spread everywhere we look, it is easy to get really swept up in the mania and feel panicked and worried.

Personally, because of how I prioritize my gut health and because of my side gig with Arbonne: I am thankfully not in a place of stress - our health and finances are very secure because of the choices I made months ago to say yes to the products and business. That being said: we are approaching the arrival of our son (3 weeks away!): and I did experience a big set back this week with the only thing I had planned for his birth which first caused an outburst of tears, and then depression. And these tools helped me move through those feelings of worry and anger so I could get back to my life and my joy: I hope they help you, too!

Five Simple Ways to Alleviate Stress NOW

By Arielle Fanelli

1. Stop, drop, and meditate

One of the most effective ways to help decrease your stress levels is to take some time to connect to your breath, and yourself. It doesn’t have to be in silence: my favorite two things to do are either use the Yoga Wake Up App for guided meditations, or go to YouTube and search for a binaural beat for stress: put my headphones in, close my eyes and breathe.

There are ENDLESS guided meditations for free on the internet: and even if you take 2 minutes to close your eyes and consciously feel the breath in your body you will feel better.

2. Go on a walk outside!

And don’t take your phone with you! Just let yourself wander around outside, maybe even with your four-legged friend, to disconnect from technology and feel the fresh air on your face. Smell the flowers: literally, be that person that stops at a rose bush and enjoys its fragrance. Let me tell you: the smell of a real rose in somebody’s garden is MAGICAL! It will instantly uplift you! Notice the birds, or cracks in the cement. Just really let yourself take IN what is AROUND you. Smile at people if you walk by them, pet their dogs if they’re friendly, engage with their babies if they’re awake in a stroller. You get the benefit of being outside AND connection-which leads me to #3!

3. Call a good friend

Nothing feels quite as good as community and connection: and so often because of social media and texting we forget how nice it is to actually use our phones AS A PHONE and hear a person’s voice and catch up! Especially right now with all these events and gatherings being cancelled: do not let yourself become isolated. Call your friends: if you need some support or help during this time, tell them how you’re feeling. It’s so nice to support one another, and chances are you two will end up laughing about something: which is even better for reducing stress! AND if they don’t answer: leave a sweet voicemail letting them know you were thinking of them. It’ll improve YOUR mood, and put a smile on their face too!

4. Move your body

Get up and get moving! Sometimes we think we have to take a class, or do a hard work out: but even taking a few moments to stand up and do some gentle shoulder rolls, spinal twists, side bends will help settle your nerves.

If you’re in the mood for something guided: Yoga Wake Up is an amazing app on your phone that provides you with not just meditation like I mentioned earlier, but also there are guided movement recordings as well. You can also check out YouTube for lots of free yoga classes or any movement classes! I used to love doing Tone it Up workouts on there! And: on my website I have 3 different downloadable classes for $5/each. There is a 10 min energizing class, a 20min really mellow restorative class, and a 37-minute get you sweaty class! There are SO many amazing resources to help you move at home. And movement releases endorphins in the body which will help combat any stress you’re experiencing.

5. Read a book or a magazine with your phone on airplane mode

This may be my favorite one: mainly because it tends to fire me up with inspiration or lull me into a sweet little nap: both of those are incredible for stress management! I love personal development books, and I subscribe to Magnolia Journal because Joanna Gaines is my idol. It’s so relaxing to just sit on the couch, let Dusty snuggle up next to me, put my phone on airplane mode so nobody can disturb me: most especially that tempting instagram feed, and get lost in the images or the words!

Remember, at the end of the day, we cannot control what is happening around us. We cannot control the way people think, or behave. But we always have the ability to control how we choose to receive and respond to the situations we find ourselves in. And in times where it seems everyone is spinning, it's important to stay grounded, to continue to come back to gratitude, and to love yourself hard.

Sending you hugs, immunity boosters, and love!

- Arielle


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