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A How-To Guide for Emerging Mindfully

This week we released a new audio practice titled "Coming out of the Covid Cocoon". If you've been feeling hesitant to spread your wings, this one's for you!

It's been a really difficult year and we're still dealing with a lot of the anxiety and stress brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. It's important to remember that despite vaccine availability and many cities around the world opening up, things don't feel normal, not to everyone. We have spent many months carefully crafting a comforting space be it sheltering in place, spending time exclusively with a pod, or working out in our living rooms. New habits have been formed and it is OK if you're not exactly jumping for joy at the idea of concerts, movie theatres or going maskless indoors.

We can all come out of our Covid cocoon at a pace with which we feel most safe.

That said, if you're feeling a little unclear on how best to approach it, Kay Kay's audio, featuring 13 minutes of inspired movement and meditation can be played anytime or set to wake you up. She has crafted a sweet, nurturing experience for the mind and body to support you in emerging mindfully...and this one's completely done in bed. Remember, expansion takes time. We all grow at a different pace and ought to be respectful and compassionate for all throughout this process. We will all fly again in due time, however metamorphosis simply doesn't happen overnight.

Ready to emerge from your Covid cocoon? Try it out.

Try this one and more by Kay Kay, out now on the Yoga Wake Up app, free for the first 7 days. Follow us @yogawakeup


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