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7 Things Your Skin Does While You Sleep by Moonlit Skincare

This month is all about spring cleaning inside and out. We're taking pointers from Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" because creating space is an easy way to relieve stress, open up to new opportunities and find some real relaxation.

No one knows how to simplify and de-clutter better than the team at Moonlit Skincare, a female-founded beauty brand that speaks to a natural, clean and easy beauty regimen. They're all about using what nature has already given you to make your beauty routine an easy and effective one.

Founded by Stephy Kim and Kriszta Matyi, Moonlit Skincare's products are designed to sync with the science of sleep and uniquely formulated to deliver results overnight. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

"All you have to do is get some shut-eye (8 hours is optimal!), and we’ll do the rest," they say.

Count us in!

So all this week Moonlit Skincare is taking over the blog with some important NEWSFLASHES for getting the best rest, putting your skin cells to work for you and tidying up your bedtime routine.

7 Things Your Skin Does While You Sleep by Moonlit Skincare

1. Skin Cells Regenerate

As you sleep, your body goes to work to rejuvenate itself. You know how when you’re sick, you crave a good night’s sleep, and you wake up in the morning feeling 100x better? Along with all your cells, your skin cells are regenerating.

Research has discovered that the hour between 11:00 pm and midnight is especially important because this is when cell mitosis reaches its most active state, ensuring collagen to be rebuilt. This also makes it primetime for skincare.

2. Your Skin Makes Better Use of Skincare Products

Anti-aging products contain a variety of nutrients, but two of the most important nutrients for skin are retinols and glycolic acid. When you apply skin creams and oils during the day, the sun's UV rays break down nutrients and ingredients and prevent them from being as effective in fortifying your skin cells. However, when the cream is applied just before bed, the body absorbs a higher concentration of the ingredients.

3. Your Skin Becomes Drier

Alternatively, the prime time for your skin’s own oil production is in the afternoon hours. However, the body produces far less sebum at night, which means you no longer have that added hydration. As a result, you lose moisture rapidly as you sleep. Make sure to hydrate and apply a moisturizer or hydrating oil.

4. Your Skin Gets Hotter

In addition to losing moisture, the temperature of your skin rises as you sleep. For some people, such as those who normally have dry skin, they can lose too much moisture during the night. In the evening, try adjusting your thermostat to 60º -67º, the optimal temperature for sleep. This will also help release the sleep hormone, melatonin.

5. Sleep Reduces the Effects of Stress

Stress is more than just a state of mind. Research has found that stressful situations cause the body to produce a hormone called cortisol, which causes inflammation throughout the body.

When we sleep, our bodies relax and allow this hormone to dissipate naturally. This is why people look so much better after they have gotten enough their beauty sleep. If you're not getting enough sleep, the body isn't able to relieve the inflammation around the eyes, cheeks, and in the facial muscles, resulting in a duller complexion.

6. Sleep Alleviates Acne-Causing Inflammation

Tied in with stress reduction is the issue of acne and similar skin conditions. If you're regularly getting fewer than seven hours of sleep in each cycle, the stress in your body isn't getting a chance to dissipate. This means the inflammation that cortisol causes in the body will continuously build up, creating a condition in which the pores of the skin become clogged.

If you suffer from chronic or cystic acne, prioritizing sleep may be an important first step in alleviating the condition.

7. Blood Flows Easier to your Skin’s Surface

A little thing called gravity helps blood circulate to your face when you’re lying down. Your body uses this time to circulate oxygen to your complexion to "breathe out" pollutants, toxins, free radicals accumulated during the day. This process encourages the regeneration of collagen, restores your cell skins, and provides that beauty sleep glow.


Moonlit Skincare is dedicated to overnight skincare and sleep wellness. Created by two former roommates, Moonlit has been praised by Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, POPSUGAR, Marie Claire, and listed as CEW's "Indie Brands to Watch."

Want to try it out? Use "FIRST-TIMER5" for $5 off your $25 order!


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