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7 Ethical Brands to Try at Home

Incorporating a yoga and meditation practice into your daily lifestyle is transformative, and many people have found that throughout their yoga and meditation journey, their lifestyle changes as well. Shopping ethical small businesses is an essential component to living a wellness-centered life. But what exactly does "ethical" mean when it comes to business?

Ethical brands make a positive impact on the world by supporting important causes and making sure they sell quality products on which their customers can rely.

When Covid hit and we saw the impact it had on so many small businesses that we care about, we decided it was up to us to pledge our support to them -- it has always been our motto "we're all in this together" and that applies too to where we all spend our money!

The following is a list of ethical brands we support that support us too! Together we're all giving you, our trusted customers, the insider deal, which is up to 35% off in some cases! When you shop these products and services you are supporting small, mission-driven businesses that give back. So, thank you!

Satva Living is a sustainable activewear company that uses organic cotton and recycled polyesters. Their products are super cute and free from chemicals that are commonly used in garment production, only natural, non-toxic plant-based dyes are used. They partner with Suminter India Organics®, an environmental and socially conscious organic cotton production corporation in India with a mission to create a symbiotic balance between people, planet, production, profits and social stewardship. Dedicated to improving the livelihood and economic prosperity of small and marginal organic farmers in India, Satva ensures that a portion of all proceeds are invested back into its local communities & agricultural programs.

Satva Living is offering 20% off with code: SHOPETHICAL.

Anima Mundi Herbals is an apothecary dedicated to creating a true farm to pharmacy experience. The founder, Arianna, has been interested in shamanic style healing, hands-on energy work and botanical studies since she was just a little girl. She then moved from Costa Rica to Brooklyn with a mission to bridge remedies from native people within Central and South America, to modern-day needs and imbalances. If you're looking for tonics, remedies and supplements to support your practice Anima Mundi Herbals has a wide variety to choose from whether your concern is immunity, beauty, energy or stress relief.

Anima Mundi Herbals is offering 20% off with code: SHOPETHICAL.

Zolt is a Vegan and gluten-free CBD drink mix turbocharged with organic antioxidants and adaptogens. Zolt has fun mixie sticks that support balance, energy and sleep. Their mixie stick are easy to add to your water bottle and BOOM: You’ve got a refreshing drink with superpowers.

Zolt is offering 20% off with code: SHOPETHICAL.

YouVeda offers vegan supplement kits and oils. After she lost her brother in car accident during college, owner Gunny Sodhi, was diagnosed with PTSD. Her father, Dr. Virender Sodhi, encouraged her to make practical lifestyle changes with meditation and yoga. He also supplemented her with the powerful Ayurvedic adaptogen Ashwagandha and other time-tested herbs to support mental wellness. Her mother made sure that her cooking processes followed Ayurvedic principles and that she ate in sync with her biological clock. Gunny has used her real-life experience to help others feel better and make them feel good to get out of bed in the morning. She has products that improve digestion, mood, immunity and your joints.

YouVeda is offering 35% off with code: SHOPETHICAL.

Paavani Ayurveda is an ayurvedic artisan line of small-batch, pure, organic health & skincare products handcrafted in Northern California. PAAVANI takes pride in offering pure products that are made entirely of ingredients from the earth. PAAVANI products are intentionally packaged in glass rather than plastic because they believe in using the highest quality re-usable packaging. Glass is naturally impermeable, therefore it is chemically inert & does not degrade like plastic; allowing for a longer shelf life & a healthier YOU. PAAVANI Ayurveda was founded by Leah Klatt & Trudy Collings during their Herbalism Apprenticeship, at the California College of Ayurveda and they hope to use their business to support others on their ayurvedic journey.

PAAVANI Ayurveda is offering 20% off with code: SHOPETHICAL

Claryti offers naturally cleaning products for your home without harsh chemicals. Founders, Nixie and Cameron, created Claryti to save the oceans and planet. Living on their boat in the Pacific ocean they realized every product they use goes directly into the ocean so they knew they needed to create a product that's safe for the ocean they call home. With no harmful chemicals and natural ingredients their products protect your family's health by creating natural PH levels and Protect the environment with zero-waste packaging. Claryti's products come in a super cute reusable wooden box for zero waste shipping.

Claryti is offering 35% off with code: SHOPETHICAL

We decided to get in on the fun too! If you didn't know about us we are an alarm clock alternative app that wakes you up with audio-guided meditations and yoga flows. Yoga Wake Up is a woman-owned, minority-led small business dedicated to helping you wake up on the right side of the bed each morning and incorporating yoga and meditation in your daily routine. There is a variety of morning, midday and bedtime flows to help you find your inner peace any time of day.

Open this link on your mobile device for 25% off a yearly membership with Yoga Wake Up.


Use code SHOPETHICAL at checkout for 20-35% discounts on all of these brands.


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