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5 Things To Do For Your Mental Health Right Now

As the world collectively mourns and commemorates the black lives lost to police brutality, taking care of one’s mental health becomes increasingly important. While things feel really heavy right now, it’s key to acknowledge and support the change that, for the first time in a while, feels attainable – as well as prioritizing your emotional well-being, which may be waning at the moment.

Yoga Wake Up is here to support you. Below, we share a handful of resources to benefit your mental health during this difficult time.

1. Share Your Voice

Chances are, you’re connected via social media, making it easier than ever to vocalize your thoughts with all your followers. But if being overly active on Facebook and Instagram makes you anxious right now, there are other ways to share your feelings in a cathartic manner. We’re big fans of Therapy for Black Men and Therapy for Black Girls – the latter of which most recently promoted its crisis text line on Instagram for those in crisis. (If you need someone to talk to, text “TRIBE” to 741-741.)

2. Give Back (If You’re Able)

In addition to aiding in propelling an organization you believe in – a popular one being Black Lives Matter – donating has added benefits. Participating in altruistic acts releases endorphins in the brain known as the “helper’s high,” scientists have found. Not in a position to donate on your own? Chip in a few dollars and have your friends do the same (collecting on Venmo helps!) for a group donation. Before you know it, you’ll have increased the impact more as a group than you would have on your own.

3. Put Pen To Paper

There is power in words. Whether that’s writing a daily journal entry recounting your day or penning a letter to your local state official, how you decide to express yourself is entirely up to you.

4. Add A Little Levity

Open your social apps and what do you see? Our feeds are currently housing endless educational resources, live updates on peaceful protests and more. But sometimes, having 24/7 access to this information – while helpful – can be overwhelming.

Think about what usually makes you smile. Is it The Office memes? Makeup fails? Cute cat GIFs? Create a folder with all your favorites and revisit them whenever you need a moment of levity.

5. Get Moving

Whether you’re an early morning riser who craves a quick yoga session or you consider yourself more of a “stretch and start the day” type, Yoga Wake Up offers a range of gentle movements and meditations to help your body and mind reach perfect harmony.

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davenport kim
davenport kim
4 days ago

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