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5 sessions to celebrate the strong woman within you

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Happy Women’s History Month! As a female-founded and led company, we love to look back at all of the incredible women who paved the way for us today and acknowledge the women who make Yoga Wake Up such an amazing community. The 2023 Women's History Month theme is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories" — we hope these sessions can inspire you to use your powerful voice, share your story, and remember the women who have come before us. Here are our top 5 sessions to celebrate the strong, beautiful, badass woman within you.

Instructor: Aarona Lea

How much time you need: 16:45 minutes

About the session: This wakeup will energize you from the inside out, building strength as you reset your nervous system. Setting healthy boundaries is essential for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Whether you need to boost your boundaries with how you show up for yourself, or you need to create better boundaries with others, this practice will help you be more clear and confident with your yes’s and your no’s while brightening your energy.

What fans say: I always struggle with setting clear boundaries. I loved giving myself a physical boundary before I encounter any one else in my day

Instructor: Sarah Grogan

How much time you need: 15:49 minutes

About the session: This sequence is centered around mindful stretching. Making space in the body and the mind to set you up perfectly for the day. Starting gently in bed, tuning into the breath of the body, and then going deeper as we move to the mat and go through the flow

What fans say: A lovely, “full” feeling mini-practice! Gentle, yet still active. Nice!

Instructor: Samora Suber

How much time you need: 10:43 minutes

About the session: This is a moving meditation to allow your body and mind to expand, feel free, and become more open and present to your daily blessings.

What fans say: I loved the combo of guidance and freedom to choose how my body wants to move. Highly recommend it if you want a gentle, less structured way to wake up your body.

Instructor: Arielle Marie Fanelli

How much time you need: 7:27 minutes

About the session: Simple stretches and a mindset reset to get you back on track.

What fans say: Arielle’s calming tone invites you to begin an empowering day with reminders that you are all you need to be. It was wonderful to pause with ease on a rainy day.

Instructor: Marielle Ebersol

How much time you need: 6:30 minutes

About the session: Tune into this short meditation anytime you need a reminder to speak kindly to yourself and remember how far you've come.

What fans say: This was an absolutely beautiful, calming, and peaceful meditation and just what my spirit needed. Thank you for this!

While we celebrate women this month specifically, you deserve to be celebrated every day. Set boundaries to protect your energy, claim the space that you deserve, and remember that you are worthy of love.

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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
١٩ يونيو

It was precisely what my soul needed: a serene, lovely, and tranquil space bar clicker meditation. I appreciate this.

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