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5 Audios for when you need to hit the Reset Button

Does fall have you feeling like you need a routine reboot? A change in season is a fitting time to assess your routine and figure out what's working and what's got to go.

Good thing we have a slew of audio practices by seasoned yogis that can help you break up with the bad habits and sync up your mornings with more mindfulness. Consider that the simple act of waking up with Yoga Wake Up is a keystone habit, or a an easy new ritual that can lead to bigger more healthy change. *Pro-tip: start with small changes, making your way down the list of what you wish to call in this fall and allowing your new morning wakeup call to fuel your intentions!

Tomorrow's a new day, and a new beginning for a more mindful you. Here's what we suggest you queue up for your fall reboot.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 14 minutes

Instructor: Kate Waitzkin

About The Session: In this active meditation, Kate eases us into light stretching, guided breathwork and visualization, creating a unique opportunity to open up the body and mind to the shifts that naturally unfold when we are in our an intentional state of present wakefulness.

What Fans Say: "So relaxing and centering, easing into the morning without shock to the system"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 10 minutes

Instructor: Arielle Fanelli

About The Session: Move and groove to the light-hearted, positive instruction, beats and lyrics in this reggae-inspired bedyoga flow that makes morning mindfulness especially fun.

What Fans Say: "What's not to love?" and "You made me smile so much!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 11 minutes

Instructor: Samora Suber

About The Session: Start the day with positive thought in this affirmation-based movement practice that will cultivate joy and self-love in your first 10 minutes of waking.

What Fans Say: "Energizing and motivating" and "A beautiful way to wake up!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 13 minutes

Instructor: Derek Beres

About the Session: Change it up and try something new with this twisting, rolling, floor-based movement session created to increase natural mobility and prevent injury.

What Fans Say: "This was the most fun yoga session I've experienced. Very natural flow & playful.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 7 minutes

Instructor: Aarona Lea

About The Session: Use this time to start slow and connect to your intentions with centered energy. This wakeup is a mindful way to rise out of bed, unwind the hips and spine, and consciously direct energy toward a balanced, focused day ahead.

What Fans Say: "Just beautiful! A simple, but meaningful way to wake up" and "I feel centered, calm and optimistic for my day.


What new habits are you bringing into the new season? Which ones are you leaving behind? Share with us in the comments or tag us on socials @yogawakeup.


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