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5 audio sessions you can do to cultivate love this Valentine's Day

Speaking to our essence, Yoga Wake Up's very own Erin Ward says, "We are pure love." Despite how difficult it may seem to quiet the inner critic that often challenges this truth, we are in fact beings of love, and just as we can cultivate self-doubt through negative self-talk, we can cultivate feelings of love and compassion through positive affirmation.

Valentine's Day often inspires people to think about the love they have for others; friends, family, partners, and children. When was the last time you thought about your love for yourself? This season of love, we challenge you to love others and focus on loving yourself too! Insider tip: Yoga Wake Up can help with that! Here's our five favorite sessions to create the best feelings of love!

How Much Time You’ll Need: 12:06 minutes

Instructor: Erin Ward

About The Session: Use this meditation as a way to lay a foundation of complete and unconditional self-love. A reminder that at our essence, we are pure love.

What Fans Say: “Very calming and safe. Thank you for such a gentle and compassionate meditation."

How Much Time You’ll Need: 6:30 minutes

Instructor: Marielle Ebersol

About The Session: Tune into this short meditation anytime you need a reminder to speak kindly to yourself and remember how far you have come.

What Fans Say: “One of my favorites."

Good Morning Love

How Much Time You’ll Need: 13:37 minutes

Instructor: Samora Suber

About The Session: Good Morning Love is a beautiful way to send love to your body in a gentle and grounding in-bed flow. You will connect to your body with loving energy and deep breathing to

What Fans Say: “Filled with love and honor for your awakening body. So soothing.”

How Much Time You’ll Need: 8:34 minutes

Instructor: Maeve McCaffrey

About The Session: In this meditation, you will choose to be kind and loving to yourself, to those you already care for, and to those that challenge you.

What Fans Say: “Centering, calming, and empowering!"

How Much Time You’ll Need: 5:57 minutes

Instructor: Nicole Sciacca

About The Session: This session begins with connecting mind and body and repeating affirmations of gratitude, meanwhile releasing negativity, self doubt and control.

What Fans Say: “Beautifully simple practice. Feels longer than five minutes—in a good way!”


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