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5 Audio-Guided Sessions For The Dreamiest Bedtime Routine Yet

Whether you’re an afternoon nap aficionado or wait to get some shut eye at night, a dreamy bedtime routine is key. Enter: these audio-guided sessions, which give new meaning to pillow talk and help make winding down one of your most coveted rituals. So, what are you waiting for? Pull out your phone, open Yoga Wake Up and start slipping into dreamland.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 8:28 minutes

Instructor: Andrew Sealy

About The Session: Andrew is the embodiment of happiness. The pairing of his soothing voice, encouraging words and soft flute is what dreams are made of.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 34:32 minutes

Instructor: Hilary Jackendoff

About The Session: If you’re looking to squeeze in some mindfulness into your bedtime routine, press play. Not only are you letting your muscles breathe after a long day, but you’re also taking the time to relax your mind. And who doesn’t want that?

How Much Time You’ll Need: 12:07 minutes

Instructor: Niki Saccareccia

About The Session: This practice releases the emotional and mental strain that accumulates during the day, while targeting common stress zones in the hips, back and shoulders.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 13:10 minutes

Instructor: Emilie Perz

About The Session: Stress and a bad diet puts unnecessary pressure and harm on the body. This practice helps put things into focus. The more balance we can achieve, the happier and healthier we become.

How Much Time You’ll Need: 6:51 minutes

Instructor: Arielle Marie Fanelli

About The Session: A bedtime reminder to stay present and in the moment.


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