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3 Ways to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Yoga Wake Up has always met you where you are - spiritually, physically and literally - and in today's times, that's more useful than ever! That said, it's important to honor your space and create a zen, welcoming, calming surrounding wherever you practice yoga and meditation - that means your bedroom, living room, and most recently, your office!

This is why we teamed up with Fernish, a convenient, sustainable solution for your home design needs. Moving into spring, and as we spend more time at home, we invited Feng Shui consultant Nixie Marie to help us spruce up our space. She and Fernish will be helping us create a Yoga Wake Up HQ that feels great - a space where we can prosper and grow! So without further ado, read on as Nixie guides us through making your home (or office) a sanctuary.


3 Ways to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

by Nixie Marie

As we enter into the spring season, I want to invite you to carve out some time to do a house assessment. What that means is going into each of your rooms and feel into the energy that it brings for you. Does it feel good? Does it reflect the lifestyle you’re living? Are you proud to call your space your home? Does it feel like a temple in which you pay respect to and bring offerings?

If there are any feelings of lack, insecurity, chaos, disappointment, or stagnancy then it is time to shift things up!

Your outer world reflects your inner world so if you’re constantly surrounded by clutter, chaos, and disorganization, then it is most likely because that is what is going on within you as well. I know, not always an easy thing to assess and look at. However, I encourage you to get honest with yourself and set your environment up for you to win at life rather than create more of what you don’t want.

Below, I have curated three of my best-kept secrets to using your home as a tool to attract what you want and create a sanctuary for you to thrive in.

1. Make space for your inner work

My motto in life is, if you want to call something into your life you need to make space for it. You can’t ask the universe to fill up a cup that is already full. If you want to meditate, journal, or heal you need to create a space for this work in your home. It doesn’t need to be fancy or large. It just needs to be a space that gives you the feeling of being safe and is private.

Tip: Room dividers and bookshelves used as walls can be a great way to divide up a space between you and your roomies or partner.

2. Bring the four elements into your home

Earth, Air, Fire, Water. These four elements are believed in Western Astrology to be how the universe was formed. Working with these tools in your home can spark passion, creativity, and radically shift your space. Lighting a candle used with intention can do more than just set the mood. It can be used to invite drive, focus, and motivation to your day. Bringing an air quality like incense to your morning routine can induce feelings of serenity making you calm for whatever storms might come in that day. Water, symbolizing abundance, can bring you prosperity and infinite opportunities. Bring a small (or large for you millionaire-mindset folks) fountain into your home to tell the universe you’re open to more of what you want! The earth element is how we bridge the gap between spirit and physical form. Crystals can be used as an earth element to bring you closer to your desired goals.

3. Create an Altar

An altar can be placed into your meditation room or just a place for you to offer blessings to everything that you have in your life. It is a way for you to say thank you to the universe, God, Goddess, the divine, great spirit… insert whatever you believe in here. Place sacred objects, crystals, photos of Grandma, hairs of your dog… whatever you would like to pay respect and gratitude to. Gratitude is truly an incredible force that generates feelings of happiness and joy. When you generate gratitude in your home people will feel it when they come to pay you for a visit.

Happy house blessings!


Nixie Marie is a Feng Shui practitioner and co-founder of CLARYTI. She helps support her clients by creating sacred spaces and homes that heal.

After spending nearly half a decade building a successful green cleaning company, Nixie understands how our homes can easily become a place that does not support our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Using her intuitive nature and classical Feng Shui, Nixie can determine how to harmonize the energies of a home for an individual to reclaim their sovereignty and thrive in all areas of their life.


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