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A Helpful Guide To Choosing The Right Yoga Practice For You

There are countless forms of Yoga that are practiced worldwide. However, if you are not familiar with the benefits of this form of exercise, then you can easily miss out on the wonders it can do for you personally. No matter if you’re home or on the go, these four of the many forms of yoga that we’ll discuss will help you transform your life for the better.


If you are looking for a spiritual as well as physical form of exercise, then the Kundalini style of yoga is right up your alley. This practice is said to help release built up energy in your lower spine. This form of yoga will really work you core and help strengthen your back. This means you will stand up taller and feel stronger. You will do a lot of breathing and move quickly into many different postures. Do not be surprised if you find yourself chanting or practicing meditation during your yoga session.

Do not hold back when it comes to exerting energy or releasing pent up emotions. This is the best part of any yoga practice. The ability to feel your entire body, as well as detatch from the stress of life is key to any successful yoga practice. Just remember to focus on your breathing, and you will find yourself flowing through the poses in no time.


If you are looking for better flexibility and relaxation, then you should consider the practice of Hatha yoga. This exercise practice is not fast paced, and you definitely will not get hot and sweaty. This form of yoga is perfect for beginners, and helps ease you into the basic postures of many poses utilized throughout every yoga practice. It’s so simple that even I have been able to do it on vacation in Hawaii without an instructor. If you have been stressed, tense, or feel worn out, then this is the route you may want to consider. It will take some time, but within just a few weeks you will feel longer, taller, and far more relaxed.


A little different style of yoga is called Vinyasa. This practice will take you through many movements while focusing on synchronized breathing. There really is no stopping while transitioning from one sun salutation to another in this artform. You will continually move for the entire session in this form of yoga; so it may be necessary to work your way up to this form of exercise. However, if you start yoga and stick with it, then you will find that you are physically prepared for the endurance and strength necessary for this yoga workout in no time.


The final yoga practice we will discuss is called Ashtanga. This style is certainly not for a beginner. The practice is known to be very vigorous, as well as physically challenging. You should expect to get very sweaty while participating in this form of exercise. Therefore, this practice would be ideal to help purify and detox your body. You will also find that you feel more energized on a daily basis, and your focus will certainly improve. If you are in need of a recharge in your life, then this form of yoga is exactly what you need.

Remember there is no practice that is better than another.

​However, it is important to find the one that best suits your needs at the moment. Just make sure you do not give up on your efforts, and you will find that you are feeling better with each passing day. If one day you feel stressed, then practice a style that will help release tension. If you feel stronger, then consider switching up your routine for something a little more challenging. It really is up to you and what you can endure physically. No matter which style you choose, remember to focus on your breathing to help receive the best benefits from that exercise possible.

Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, beauty, and fashion. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.