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Yoga Wake Up v.4.0 is LIVE and here's what that means for YOU!

First things first...we're a small team and we wish we could do it all, but alas, this update is currently only available for Apple devices. Android users, please don't fret, we're already working on getting you v.4 and we will get you an update on launch day ASAP.

In the meantime, If you have an iPhone or iPad, update your app to take advantage of these new features.

1. New, expanded COMMUNITY section!

Now you can connect personally with the amazing yoga teachers and meditation experts on the app. Just as you might with Instagram, we welcome you to follow your favorite Yoga Wake Up teachers and turn on notifications to be alerted to when they share new content.

Yoga Wake Up will also get you relevant news updates daily across mornings and evenings, yoga, meditation, family, culture, travel, spirituality, productivity, health, mindfulness and more! Use the new dropdown menu to select tags that you care about! This way you only see what matters to you! And you can change this anytime you'd like!

2. REVIEWS are now public!

When you review a wakeup you loved (or didn't) you can share this with the teacher and with our amazing community. Please just remember to always be kind and considerate. As before, you can always email us at team@yogawakeup.com with feedback of any kind.


Turn on notifications! Yoga Wake Up works best with notifications on because this is how we remind you to go to bed and how we remind you of the intention you set each day. And NOW, notifications will also keep you connected with your teachers and the community.

This is new for us so if it gets to be too much, we'd appreciate the feedback. We want to keep you in the loop but also be mindful of your relationship with technology-- nobody needs to be incessantly notified and we want to keep yours meaningful and minimal.

4. New speedy ONBOARDING

Finally, if you're new to Yoga Wake Up, or returning after a bit of a break, you may notice our new speedy onboarding. We have streamlined the sign-up process and pre-loaded your first three days, which are entirely FREE! The next 7 are our recommendations to you. We've hand selected these based on user feedback and popularity. That said, you are always welcomed to EXPLORE all of our content and make selections of your own!

But if you're new or need to get back into a routine, follow the first 10 days of wakeups so you can really feel the benefits of waking with yoga in bed!

We're so excited for you to get to know Yoga Wake Up V. 4.0! Don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know how the new features are working for you! We care deeply about making this an app that you love and appreciate daily.

Thank you for using the app and being a special part of our growing community. We're so happy to be a part of your day...everyday! ❤