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Teacher Spotlight: Hilary Jackendoff

This week on the blog we wanted to spotlight Hilary Jackendoff, AKA "Meditation Chick", our resident yoga nidra expert and tantric meditation teacher. Although yoga nidra is having a major moment, Hilary discovered this deeply healing, ancient practice a decade ago!

Much of her meditation expertise was developed through her own commitment to a daily practice and through an immersive and extensive stay at an ashram, where she completed a 2-year teacher training. Now Hilary leads 100-hour immersive TTs in Los Angeles for those looking to expand their yoga nidra practice and lead others.

This Wednesday, April 17, in collaboration with Pause Float Studio, Hilary will be leading us all through a 30-minute "Sweet Dreams" yoga nidra to relax and reset. If you're in Los Angeles, come out for Sleep Your Stress Away, a FREE community event featuring Hilary, Yoga Wake Up and a talk by Addictive Wellness co-founder Sage Dammers. Space is limited. Reserve your spot with an RSVP.

Now without further ado...

Getting to know Hilary Jackendoff...


Every morning, the first thing I do is put my one hand on my heart and one on my abdomen, and take a few conscious breaths. I connect to my sankalpa (my intention) mentally and in my heart, get out of bed, scrape my tongue, do a few stretches to wake up my body, and brew some coffee to wake up my mind!!


Primarily, I practice to stay mentally and emotionally balanced, so I can show up for myself and the people in my life as my best self. Living in a busy city is tough for an introverted, sensitive lady like myself, so my practice helps me maintain my center.


I brew a cup of chamomile or passion flower tea before showering. After my shower, I spend a couple of minutes self-massaging with a little warm almond or coconut oil (this is the Ayurvedic practice of abhyanga), chant a few mantras, drink my tea and off I go to snooze-town!


I live in West LA, and teach weekly group meditation classes at The DEN Meditation.



Krishna Das or Native American flute music. I'm a little musically out of touch!!


I always am seeking to empower students to take ownership of their practice and their consciousness. Give yourself permission to play!! Spirituality doesn't have to be so serious!


'Sometimes we live no particular way but our own.' - Grateful Dead

Hilary is currently a Senior Teacher at The Den Meditation, where she co-created the studio’s 400-hour Meditation Teacher Training, the first of its kind in Los Angeles. Hilary developed Sleep Class, her primary corporate wellness offering, based on the popular practice of Yoga Nidra, a beginner-friendly, but powerful deep relaxation meditation, beneficial in managing a range of conditions, from insomnia and anxiety to jet-lag and chronic fatigue. In addition to regular group classes at The Den Meditation, Hilary also offers private in-home sessions.

Experience yoga nidra with Hilary on Yoga Wake Up where she has two 30-minute practices including "Effortless Reset" and "Sweet Dreams". Want to get to know Hilary better? Follow her on Instagram at @meditationchick.

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